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Sai Baba Pooja

Shirdi Sai Baba is one of the great Indian gods and every people in this country worships Shridi Sai Baba. The place Shridi is situated in Maharashtra and thousands of people goes there to pay their tribute to this holy Indian saint who is worshipped as a god. People go there to make a prayer or wish and if their wish is fulfilled then they goes there once again to pay their generous tribute.

If a person is unable to go to the famous Sai Baba Temple at Shridi then he or she can do this pooja at their own residence and that is known as ‘Staysail Shradha Saburi Pooja.’ This very pooja can be done either for nine days, fifty days or even life long. It is up to the choice of the individual that want to do this. It is believed that one can find the pooja to be very powerful if the person is able to continue the pooja for fifty days. To do this all they need to do is to:

* Light two lamps every day.

* Then to read one chapter or two paragraphs of Sai Satcharita.

* Offer water and then to chant sai, sai for ten minutes.

The rituals that are mostly followed in ‘Staysail Shradha Saburi Pooja’ are as follows:

I. Female sai devotees are allowed to skip 3-4 days and then they can continue. They can even ask their family members to light up the lamps. If an individual is very busy with some official work then they can request any one of their family members to do the pooja for them.

II. Lighting two lamps in front of the statue of Shirdi Sai Baba often brings great blessings. A big tray must be used to light those lamps so as to ensure that the lamps to continue to glow without any danger. Devotees must ensure that the lamp must go on for longer duration since it is considered to be a better sign.

III. Sai Satcharita is a holy book that contains stories of Shridi Sai Baba. The book is written by Hamadpant in Marathi, which is the regional language of Maharashtra and it helps people to learn about the affectionate heart of Shri Sai Baba. This holy book do increases the faith on Sai Baba. This very book on Sai Baba has translated in English by Zarine in the name "Sai Samartha Satcharita."

IV. If anyone is not comfortable in reading Sai Satcharita daily then they can also read Bhagavat Gita and Ramayan. By doing this, people can easily assimilate the stories or events that might have occurred during Shirdi Sai Baba life time.

V. One can bathe the statue of Shirdi Sai Baba on any day they want. They can do this either with water or milk. People can also offer any fruit to Sai Baba since this pooja has got no strict rules. Even if water is offered to Sai with love and devotion then that is also considered good. In Hinduism, water is considered sacred as well as living being. Therefore priests sprinkle sacred water so as to get the blessings of god.

This pooja is very simple since all people need is a statue or picture of Shirdi Sai Baba, wicks, lamps and water. All it needs is a heart that is full of love and affection on Sai Baba.