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Sarvodaya Nursing Institute

==Sarvodaya Nursing Institute==

Sarvodaya Hospitals, a renowned/well known name in health care arena, after expanding its medical services, went a step ahead in educational sphere and came up with a budding but promising institute in the field of health care and community health development as “ Sarvodaya Nursing Institute”.

The alumni of SNI are having advantage of strengthening their clinical and practical knowledge in Sarvodaya hospitals which is having state of the art technology, with fully equipped ICU,NICU,Digital Imaging system, Spiral CT and fully computerized & sophisticated laboratory and its own blood bank.

Recognition: Indian Nursing Council

Management: Gautam Welfare Society

==Address of Sarvodaya Nursing Institute==

Sarvodaya Hospital
Sector 19, Gopi Colony

Pin Code: 121003


==Course offered Sarvodaya Nursing Institute==

General Nursing and Midwifery - Seats: 60 (Recognized and permitted to admit students for the academic year 2006-2007 by Indian Nursing Council)

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