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Scheduled Tribes and President Status

==Scheduled Tribes – President Status==
*Term ST is defining under Article-366(25) and notified as per Article 342 by President after consultation with the Governor of the State.
*Constitute 8.2% (8.43 crore) and live about 15% of the country’s area.
*Over 700 tribes are notified.
*Sex Ratio : 978
*Literacy rate : 47.10%
*42.02% of ST population were main workers of whom 54.50% were cultivators and 36.09% agricultural laborers.
*In terms of Article 342(1), the President may, with respect to any State or Union Territory, and where it is State, after consultation with the Government thereof, notify tribes or tribal communities or parts thereof as Scheduled tribes.
*Scheduling and De-Scheduling of Tribes: The first specification of Scheduled Tribes in relation to a particular State/Union Territory is by a notified order of the President, after consultation with the state Governments concerned.
*The above Article also provides for listing of scheduled tribes state-wise/ UT-wise and not on an all-India basis.
*The criteria generally adopted for specification of a

'''Community as a Scheduled Tribe are :'''
*indications of primitive traits.
*distinctive culture.
*shyness of contact with the community at large.
*geographical isolation i.e. backwardness.

'''Fifth Scheduled under Article 244''' (1) of Constitution defines '''Scheduled Areas''' as such areas as the President may by order declare to be scheduled areas after consultation with governor of the state.

'''The Sixth Schedule under Article 244''' (2) of the constitution relates to those areas in the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram which are declares as '''Tribal Areas'''.

It provides for district councils and Regional council for the administration of the Autonomous districts and autonomous regions recognized with in these districts respectively.