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Schools in Ahmedabad

The Schools in Ahmedabd offer education in English, Gujarati and Urdu Medium. Some Public International schools in Ahemedabad also offer foreign languages in their syllabus as second language.

Many schools in Ahmedabad provide boarding facilities. Many private organizations are owning public schools in Ahmedabad that are affiliated to different boards of education. There are government aided school affiliated to state Board.KVS also has established its chain of CBSE affiliated schools in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad also has International residential schools affiliated to IB board.

The schools in Ahmedabad can be categorized into the main types are follows.

  1. Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools in Ahmedabad- The Kendriya Vidyalaya Ahmedabad has its affiliation to CBSE board. These schools come under the Ministry of HRD and are government-aided schools. They are known for high standards of education at the same time emphasis is on the all round development of Students studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya schools.
  2. The Boarding Schools in Ahmedabad- Some well known Co-education schools in Ahmedabad provide boarding facility to the students coming from outstation. The Boarding Schools in Ahmedabad are mostly privately owned and are affiliated to various boards.
  3. CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad- These schools are mostly English medium co-educational schools in Ahmedabd that are affiliated to the CBSE or Central Board, New Delhi. High standard of education is maintained in CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad. Infrastructure of CBSE School supports academics as well as many co-curricular activities. Students can continue with the CBSE syllabus in Ahmedabad up to higher secondary classes.
  4. ICSE Schools in Ahmedabad - These schools are affiliated to ICSE board. They are mostly co-educational and provide education in English medium. Some of them provide Boarding facilities for the outstation students till they complete their ICSE or ICS. All the ICSE Schools in Ahmedabad are privately owned educational institutions.
  5. Residential schools in Ahmedabad - The residential schools in Ahmedabad are mostly co-educational English medium schools affiliated to different boards. Ahmedabad has some of the top residential schools. The Residential schools in Ahmedabad mostly include privately owned international schools. They provide high-class boarding and educational infrastructure to students. Some of them are also open to admission to the day scholars.

In addition to these schools there are many schools in Ahmedabad providing education in Gujrati Medium. These schools are recognized by government and may be aided by government or privately owned. Most of them have English as well as Gujrati medium and are affiliated to the State Board. Some of these Schools rank among the top schools in Ahmedabad.

List of Schools in Ahmedabad

A - one School Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 748 0785

Abhishek Vidyalaya Akar education trust Nikol gam, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2890436

Adarsh Balmandir and Prathmik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 214 7623

Adarsh High School-Kuber nagar Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2812732

Adarsh Hindi vidhyalay Jivraj park, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- -6811659

Adarsh Kanya vidhyalay Daria pur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2148326

Adarsh Vidhya Vihar Ram baug, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 7508462

Airport School Sardar nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2864175

Akhadanand Hindi High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Akshar Vidhyavihar Girls school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2821722

Amardip Prathmik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 6633410

Amarish vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 752 0967

Ambuja High School Bapu nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2746692

Amrut Madhyamik Shala Vastral road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2770240

Amrut Primary and High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2866393

Anand Vidhyalaya Narodagam Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2820160

Andh Shala Ashram Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 6586138

Andha Kanya Prakash Gruh Drive-in road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 7490147

Anjali Vidhyalay Madhmik Secondary school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2876891

Arbuda Sanskar vidhyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 287 3202

Archana Vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 277 0771

Aroma School Somnath road ,Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 755 1913

Ashishkumar Mandir Primary school Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Ashvamegh High School Bhavani nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 216 9080

Auro Niketan School Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Balkrishna High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2742856

Balprasoon vidhyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 741 6057

Balrangam Prathmik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 5327377

Best High School Bhairav nath road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 532 5900

Bharat High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 5327222

Bhavin Vidyavihar sanskrit Pathshala Amba wadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 6463511

C M. Thakar High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Central English school Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Chhipa Welfare Girl's High school Jamalpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 5352605

D .M. Vidhayalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 748 9694

Democratic Higher Secondary school Gomti pur- Ahmedabad,Gujarat. Phone- 2166407

Devine Buds Primary School Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Dharm nagar Vidhalay Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 75 6897

Dhruv Ballubhai Madhyamik shala

Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Diwan Ballubhai Madhyamik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Doctor Chotaram Gidwani High school Sardar nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2864074

Durgesh Primary school Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Dwarkesh school Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

F .D. High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 5399665

F .D. Primary school Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

G. B. Shah Jyoti High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 5508721

Gandharva Maha vidyalaya Navrang pura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Ganesh Kanya vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Gannath Primary school Magan pura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 752 4942

Gayatri Vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2811575

Geeta vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 2771036

Gracious English school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 532 5945

Green Lawris School Vatva rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 589 1611

Gurukul Vidyamandir school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 583 3777

Gurunanak and Chandraketu primary School Ghodasar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Gyandeep Hindi High school Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 750 6875

Gyandeep Prathmik vidhyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 750 8181

Gyanjyot Vidhya vihar Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 7455179

Gyanyagna Girls High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 5628892

H B K New High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Phone- 5623789

H H Patel High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

H L Shah Primary school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Hameediyah English school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Hastaful Madhyamik shala Ghatlodia Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Hemraj Madhyamik Shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 6620273

Hetal Learning school Khanpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 550 2680

Himanshu Bal mandir Saraspur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2163365

Hindi High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 5620318

I P Mission High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Islamic school-Momin galli Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 5501561

J P High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Jagruti Madh shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Jamnabai Saraswati mandir Kalupur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2157872

Janta Hindi madyamik Vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Jay Somnath High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2774647

Jaybharat vidhyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2880374

Jivan Sadhna High school Bapunagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2743273

Jyoti Kanya vidhyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 5623291

K S M M school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2868191

Kailash vidhyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Kameswar vidhyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Karnavati Vidhyavihar High school Khodiyarnagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2875254

Kashivishwanath Sanskirt maha- vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Kishore Gurnomal Kanjani school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Krishnanagar vidhyavihar Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2811847

L J English Primary school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 6731124

L R Prathmik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Laxmi Prathmik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2869313

Little Angels school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Lotus High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

M Mahasukhram vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2870041

Maharaja Agrasen vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2814211

Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Maharshi Deyanand High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Mangal Vidyalaya High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 6464864

Maniprabhu High school Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Matruchhaya high school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2166371

Meghdoot Vidya vihar High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Modern High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 5622720

Mohara Hindi school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Motiba Prathmid Shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2164340

Muni Girl's High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 5351007

N P Thakkar High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Nagindas Magnial High school Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 7506810

Nalanda vidya vihar Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2161162

National High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 7480484

Nav chetan High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 658 7369

Nav Sarjan vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Navnitlal Ranchhodlal school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 6443126

Navrang Prathmik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Navyug High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Nelsons High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 5461788

New Era High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

New High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

New Noble school Naroda Gam, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2817481

Noble Sschool Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Nutan Adarsh vidyalay Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Nutan Bharti vidyhalay Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Om Shanti Hindi High school Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

P J High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 287 2618

Pallavi vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 663 1161

Panchsheel Kendriya vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Paras English school Bapunagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Piyuraj vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Pooja vidhyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Pradhanbhai Bhagabhai Premchand Jain high school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Prakash vidya bhavan Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2164582

Prathna vidyalay Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Prerna Secondary School Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 7470684

R R Trivedi High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ramjanki Sanskrit Path shala Gokul Nagar- Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Rewaba Vidhay avihar High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sharda Vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Shree Muktajivan vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 5390333

Shree Sharda Vidyamandir Kalapi nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Siddhartha High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 546 4314

Silver Bells High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

St Kabir school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

St Marys school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

St Xaviers High School Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Suflam vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sun Rise English school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Super School Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Swastik High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 7482244

Swastik Shisu vihar Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Swastik Vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Triveni vidyalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 741 4333

Udgam school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Unnati Bal mandir Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Utkarsh school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

V V Patel Vidhya mandir Ahmedabad, Gujarat

V V Tomar Hindi high school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vallabh Vidya vihar Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vandana school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vasant High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vasant Rajab madhyamik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vidhyanagar Girls High School Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vidhyavihar High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vidya mandir Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vidyamandir primary school Jivraj Park, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vidyanagar High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 7542244

Vihal Vihar Primary school Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vihar Primary School Dariapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vijaynagar Higher Secondary school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vikas Balmandir and Prathmik shala Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2145349

Villabhnagar High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vinay vidya vihar Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 2743908

Vishwabharti High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat Phone- 5504179

Vishwaniketan vidya vihar Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Viswa Vidhyalaya Higher secondary school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vivekanad Hindi High school Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vivekanand Vidhayalaya Ahmedabad, Gujarat


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