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Science colleges in Kolkata

'''Science colleges in Kolkata'''

Education in science stream is not only limited to Physics, Chemistry and Biology, it incorporates several other branches as well, which include political science, computer science and many others. Kolkata consists of some of the best science colleges offering offer high quality education, qualified and experienced faculty, top-notch infrastructure, calm and positive learning environment. Since Kolkata is known for its advanced education system, the city attracts various aspirants from all over the nation to pursue higher education. Most of the renowned and well known science colleges in Kolkata provide advanced theoretical and practical training. The knowledge and training provided by these colleges enhance the skills of aspirants to meet the requirements of the business & technology industry. The science colleges of Kolkata are famous for grouping and mixing of diverse subjects as well as distinct courses, out of which science education is considered as the most preferred option.

There are a lot of job opportunities for students who have taken sciences as major subjects to pursue higher education. Science colleges in Kolkata offer graduate and postgraduate degree and short term diploma programs for the aspirants. In order to score a seat in best science colleges in Kolkata, a student should possess average percentage meeting the requirements of the programs or universities. One can also get admission into some of the best science colleges in Kolkata on merit basis.

'''List of Science Colleges in Kolkata'''

• '''A.P.C. College'''
Address: New Barrackpore,Dharmatala Kolkata -700013
Landmark: Near School of Tropical Medicine
Phone: 033-24406689

• '''All Bengal Teachers Training College'''
Address: P 14 Ganesh Chandra Avenue,Dharmatala Kolkata -700013
Landmark: Near Integrated School
Phone: 033-22412860

• '''American College and Philanthropic Academy'''
Address: 56B Mirza Ghalib Street,Park Street H.O. Kolkata -700016
Landmark: Near State Bank of India
Phone: 033-22299051

• '''Ananda Mohan College'''
Address: 102 Raja Rammohan Sarani,Sarani Rarsibagan Kolkata -700009
Landmark: Near Police Station
Phone: 033-23605767, 033-23527327

• '''APC College'''
Address: New Barrackpore,Kolkata -700131
Phone: 033-25378797

• '''Armenian College & Philanthropic Arcade'''
Address: 56-B,Mirza Galib Street Park Street H.O.
Kolkata -700016
Landmark: Near Park Street Metro Station
Phone: 033-22275869

• '''Ballygunge Science College'''
Address: 35 Ballygunge Circular Road,Ballygunge Kolkata -700019
Landmark: Near Silver Line Eye Hospital & Research Institute
Phone: 033-24614959

• '''Bangabasi College'''
Address: 19 Rajkumar Chakraborty Sarani,Sarani Rarsibagan Kolkata -700009
Landmark: Near Scott Lane
Phone: 033-23500273

• '''Basanti Devi College'''
Address: 147B Sarat Bose Road,Kolkata -700029
Landmark: Near Rash Behari Avenue
Phone: 033-24641012

• '''Bhawanipur Education Society College'''
Address: 5 Lal Lajpat Raj Sarani,Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani
Kolkata -700020
Landmark: Near Elgin Crossing
Phone: 033-23374782