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Second Class- Sleeper Compartment Of Indian Railways

The Second class sleeper is one of the most common coaches of the Indian Railways system. These sleeper coaches are for long distance trains only. Most of the long distance trains operating in the Indian Railways system have from around seven to eight and can stretch right up to about fifteen coaches of this type.

These coaches are comfortable, airy and spacious. The windows of these coaches have glasses and then a shutter to prevent any one from entering. Both the glass and iron shutters can be opened. The great part of traveling by second class sleeper coach is you get to see and be part of the sights, sounds and smells of the scenery which is on offer throughout the journey. But if you need to beat the heat during your journey, then it would be advisable to travel in the air-conditioned version of this coach known as 3 tier AC. There are 3 main berths on either side of the main coup while two berths are at the side of each coup in the compartment.

The tickets prices are fairly reasonable for this class of travel as many people travel daily on the trains by this class. You would need to carry your own bedding while traveling by the second class sleeper coach as the Indian Railways do not provide the same. You will get vendors through the day selling their wares. You might want to keep some change in your pant pocket incase you find anything interesting to pick up. There are 4 toilets as usual in the coach with one being a western style and the other three the Indian squat style toilets.