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Sewagram Express

Sewagram Express is a super fast train running between Mumbai and Nagpur. Unlike Nandigram Express, this is a train that is devoted solely to carry passengers between Mumbai CST and Nagpur railway station as quickly as possible.

Train No. 2140 Sewagram Express leaves Nagpur at 8.50 PM and reaches Mumbai 12 noon. In all, it takes 15 hours and 10 minutes which is slightly more than what Vidarbha Express takes.

Train No. 2139 Sewagram Express leaves Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 3 PM and reaches Nagpur at 6.10 AM taking 15 hours and 10 minutes to cover the distance of 837 kilometers. This train is useful for those who want to travel from Mumbai to Balharshah in south Maharashtra as well.

There is a slip source at Wardha. The train reaches Wardha at 4.15 AM when coming from Mumbai. You have to wait till 7.15 AM to begin your journey to Balharshah. This train takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to travel from Wardha to Balharshah.

You can book tickets for 2nd Sleeper berth, 3rd AC sleeper berth and 2nd AC Sleeper berths on this train. It will cost you Rs. 323, Rs. 852 and Rs. 1159 respectively.

Sewagram Express runs on a daily basis. If you want to travel between Mumbai and Nagpur in a hurry, this train is a good option as Tatkal Quota is available on this train.

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