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Simlipal National Park

This park is situated in the Northern part of the state of Orissa in India and gets its name from the semul trees that grow in plenty in the area. It is also one of the oldest but best tiger reserves in India, falling under the project tiger.

The park boasts of a variety of flora and fauna which enriches the topography though there are prominent disparities in its outlook. The vegetation here is primarily Sal forests but it also houses a number of beautiful flowers, plants and shrubs.

The park is only open from the middle of October till the middle of June and tourists have to keep to a time limit for a tour which is normally six to eight hours at the most. One needs a permit to tour the area which can be acquired from the conservator or the range officer.

Traveling by plane to Calcutta or Bhubaneshwar and then by road to the park is the most convenient way to get here.

This park is the abode of three of the largest animal species in India- the tiger, asian elephant and gaur. This apart, other wildlife living here includes leopard, bison, porcupine, hill myna, hornbills, and pythons.

The park can be toured in private jeeps or cars for the closest view. However before doing so it is mandatory for the tourist to take an anti-malarial drug for their own safety
Several steps have been taken to preserve this park and the government of Orissa lends its full support for its protection and conservation

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