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Six mukhi Rudraksha/ Six Faced Rudraksha

'''Six faced Rudraksha''' is the source of the erudition, wisdom and will power. This is the symbol of Lord Kartikye who is the younger son of Lord Shiva and younger brother of Lord Ganesha. It is beneficial for both man and woman; man should wear it on the right hand and woman on the left hand. Its ruling planet is Venus and hence it is very helpful in the quandary of throat, epilepsy, sexual satisfaction and woman related problems. Students should wear it for good results it helps in achieving the success.

It is the source of wealth, happiness, affluence and triumph. Goddess Lakshmi lives in six faced rudraksha so the wearer is satiated with richness and prosperity. This Rudraksha provides victory everywhere whether it is studies, business or health.

'''Method for wearing:'''
Take three beads of six faced Rudraksha tie it into a red thread and remember Lord Kartikye. The holy mantra for this bead is “Om Swami Kartikye Namah”. It is ideal to be worn on the right hand. It is a very simple and ideal way to get the blessings of Lord Katikye.

'''Day for wearing:'''
The auspicious day to wear six faced Rudraksha is MONDAY. It should be worn after touching the Shiv Lingam with the mantra ''“Om Swami Kartikye Namah”.''

'''Benefits of Wearing:'''

# It gives wisdom, learning, wealth and increases will power.
# It gives the blessings of Lord Kartikye who has six faces and he is the second son of Lord Shiva.
# Its ruling planet is Venus and it removes all problems related to it.
# It is recommended for blood pressure, injuries, accident and other physical problems.
# It is beneficial for epilepsy and other woman related problems.
# It is good for both man and woman in curing sexual organs.
# It is very helpful for both students and businessman.
# It gives success in every field of life.
# It helps in having a happy marital life.