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South India Textile Research Association (SITRA)

South India Textile Research Association (SITRA) is one of the laboratories in India for the Textile Industry. It has 26 members from reputed institutions, state and central government. It was formed in the year 1951


The South India Textile Research Association (SITRA) is located in Coimbatore at the following address:

Coimbatore Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore - 641 014, Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: 91 – 422 - 2574367-9, 6544188, 6541488 Fax: 91 - 422 - 2571896 Email:

Ongoing Research and Development

Some of the research projects that are being done in SITRA are, development of Hernia Mesh, Cut resistant fabrics, development of spun silk garments from hollow yarns, jute blended yarns, chemical finishes for jute based textiles, and so on. Check the SITRA website for more details on the completed and the ongoing research projects.

Services offered


The testing laboratory available in SITRA helps in Fabric Testing, Yarn Testing, and Fibre Testing. The fabrics, yarns, and the fibres are tested to ensure that they meet the required international and in-house standards so that the buyers can be confident of the quality they buy. The fineness of fibre, the strength, length, trash content and maturity of the fibre are tested with high end equipments. Scanning Electron Microscope and Image Analyzer are used in the testing of fabrics.


SITRA has a consultancy division that does Diagnostic study, Modernization of spinning mills, Techno-economic viability study, Project Appraisal, Cost reduction of projects, scientific work assignment, and Machinery evaluation.

Training programmes

SITRA conducts training programmes from time to time for operatives with the aim of providing the necessary skills to be used in the work place, reduce the learning curve, and create good work culture and discipline. The spinning mills will get benefited by sending their operatives to these training programmes. They will find improvement in the quality of work, effective usage of materials reducing wastage to minimum, less accidents and a positive attitude towards work at spinning mills.


Good afternoon. my Name is Ame Ramosalagadi. i am calling from Botswana. There is a short term training course sponsored by the Ministry of External affairs ,Gorvenment of India-New Dehli which i am applying for. i am in intrested in textile mill management which starts on the 5th october 2012 to early december. so i want to know about the content of the course. thank you in advance

good evening,my name is valarjothi palaniappan iam a final year aeronautical student doing my project on textile composites used on space craft industries and i want to know their standardization and mechanical testing of fibers, and yarns. please give me an information on this. thank u

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