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Star News offers the viewers 24 hours Hindi news that is relevant to today Indians. It provides high value news and features by latest news gathering technology, team of journalist and technicians across 21 bureaus. Star News covers the full spectrum of news related to business, investigate report to the consumers issue, reporting news and crime to the entertainment as it happens in India and with links to international news agencies. Star News keeps viewers across India fully informed and engaged.

A lot of Programming on Star News is very opinionated. They are also thought to sensationalize and exaggerate entertainment content; this channel is a good example of growing culture of tabloid Hindi entertainment channels. The channel presents a mix of rolling entertainment bulletins and specialized shows covering topics from crime to cricket. The most interesting and fabulous thing about the channel is that the news will be updated every seconds and give the viewers the whole video coverage about the incident.

The Star News was launched in 1998 in combination with NDTV, featuring in both English and Hindi. It becomes Hindi channel completely during the year 2003 as the viewer was ready to watch only the Hindi than English. The channel has successfully achieved the wider audience across India.With so many channels looking at the people as USP, Star News is also looking at becoming the ‘peoples channel’.

Star News claims to attract at least 25% of the share in six metro cities. The channel has a logo of blue and silvery white with a star and cut through in the middle. The head quarters of the channel is in Mumbai and it is linked to the Sansad Marg Super Bureu in Delhi.The main feature is that the reporters can multitask in Shooting editing by use of laptop editing system so that they can able to connect always with the location.

Star News channel has also been in controversies due to its sting operations. Star News had broadcasted in various geographic location as a sting operation under the name “Be-Naqab” (uncovering).

Star News Programs :

• Star Savera
• Khabar Din Bhar
• Aaj Ki baat
• National reporter
• City 60
• Kal ki baat

Hosted by Gaurav Banerjee
Satyameva Jayate - Let truth prevail - courts an aggressive and direct approach in presenting the various layers of meaning of a particular news story and its consequent impact on the viewers' lives- a form of newscast never seen before in the country! This primetime news bulletin presents a compelling and often divergent point of view through which people can identify their own concerns.

Hosted by Radhika Chaturvedi
This popular bulletin is the big city take on famous people, fashion, crime, civic life and the general buzz on what drives India’s cities in the day and in the night! This city-focused primetime news bulletin prov- ides comprehensive coverage of the day’s news from Mumbai, Delhi and other major cities in India delving into the quality of life associated with these cities and issues of civic amenities, public transportation, famous events and hip parties. Watch it to catch a glimpse of life in the city’s fast lane.

Hosted by Shrivardhan Trivedi
Sansani, an engaging crime bulletin on STAR News, gives you a daily account of the latest news from the world of crime across the country. The programme re-creates the actual scene of crime vividly, wherever needed, to give the viewing audience a real taste of the crime scene. The show brings the viewer face-to-face with the reality of crime all over the country, keeping him aware and on guard.

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A gang of Nepalis are engaged in cheating,burglary, forgery and other heinous crimes in Delhi. The modus operandi of this gang is very simple. The gang has camoflaged a PLACEMENT AGENCY NAMELY CHOUDHARY PLACEMENT AGENCY (REGD) Nizzadummin New Delhi offering services of house maids and other class four employees. To woo its clients, it advertise in the leading newspaper Hindustan Times on each Saturday . People requiring housemaid contact the agency and one choudhary picks up the NO and speaks to you. After negotiating his commission and monthly salary of the maid Choudhary will tell you to pay Rs six thousand commission and Rs.3000 salary of maid in advance as and when the maid will be delivered at your residence alongwith one attendant. After two days of the inquiry, choudhary will ring u up that maids have arrived and he is sending a maid from Jharkhand alongwith one male attendant who should be paid Rs. nine thousand . The attendant reports at your residence alongwith the maid and after initial interaction etc. the attendant collects the money and leave the premises leaving behind the maid. Maid makes an assessment of the house and finding suitable opportunity vanishes with the valuables at the earliest. If she finds staying back risky then she slips out the same day alongwith the attendant who would be waiting for her on a two wheeler outside nearby. This is a serious crime and who knows they may be indulging in murder and dacoity. I have all the documents and papers, photograph, recorded conversation of these culprits and also copy of the FIR registered with the Police and acknowledgement received from the police. To caution the general public, and to keep them on their guard, in the general public interest, i request you to make a story on real events as reported and telecast it at your earliest. I am a senior govt.of India officer and after vrs I am a senior officer with DLF. I want to help you by giving this interesting piece of story.

my brother vishal yadav has been died in wipro campus on 26th august. the wipro officials has given the information that vishal has comitted the suicide in wipro campus. vishal has working in wipro from last 5 years and he was financially strong and his family too.vishal was unmarried and he has not any liability.why he commit the suicide so please help me to give me the right justice

You may ideally prefer a private complaint either with the Police Station or before the local magistrate and pursue your matter/ concerns in the right legal manner. Should I be of any assistance please do let me know. Regards, Ketan. Legaleye Associates.

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Watching coverage and debate on television channels since 16th this month, when ANNA HAZARE started his protest against Sarkari Lokpal Bill, it has been noticed that some media sections are sensitizing the issue first for their vested TRP interests then twisting it again now in reverse direction. Such unwarranted and duplicitous twists are surprising and create doubts in mind of viewers. The sudden change of tone is happening almost in all channels at same time, which shows that external forces control the tone. The credibility of media will also on stake like politicians if not taken care about it. It is fact that tele-media is playing the vital role to provide the information but same is being misused also for ill interests. Many times, it has been proved that politicians and media personalities were found together in corruption cases. We request to all news channels media to be balanced and honest in their views and news business to maintain the credibility within society and nation for longer time, instead of misusing their importance.