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Sterling Hospital Kolkata

The Sterling Hospital located in located at Deshbandhu Nagar in Kolkata India is one of the state’s best equipped hospitals which offers its patients the comfort and care unlike any others of its kind in the city, the hospital is located near Jora Mandir , Baguihati, in Deshbandu Nagar and is a state of the art facility.
The hospital also boasts of having experienced doctors available for one’s care 24/7 thus providing its patience very good treatment and care with comfort. The facility also provides regular compliance checks and consultancy services to other hospitals in the city to make sure the laboratories and other facilities are kept up to the standard ensuring quality of care is always one of its trademarks. The facility itself ensures the staff are always trained in the latest and state of the art equipment available in medical care, another reason for this hospital to be known well to the city is because it has offers some o the most state of the art treatment and diagnostic precision utilizing cutting edge information, technology and equipment are always up to the standards ensuring everything is checked regularly and kept updated.

Experienced Doctors

The hospital also makes sure that every doctor here is well experienced and also gives a lot of opportunity to young doctors to gain experience from its already experienced staff of doctors.
The hospital also has a very efficient emergency care centre and is available round the clock. To find out more details on this institute one can contact Dr Kaushik Chakraborty at the phone number 033-25709160.