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Sujata - Ek Stree Ka Samarpan

Sujata - Ek Stree Ka Samarpan


          Sujata - Ek Stree Ka Samarpan is a Hindi television serial that is telecasted  on Sony TV, from April 14, 2008. The story  was written by Liliana Abud and produced by Televisa. It exposes out the emotions of an urban married woman and her relationship with her husband and children.

The story revolves around sujata who fell in love with viresh which resulted in their marriage. She is also blessed with two,at the age of 40 she starts to realize that her family has taken her for granted and wants to find her own way to live life. The story focuses on the life of the main protagonist Sujata who has no other work than taking care of her family. she sacrifices her own dreams and aspirations as well as her youth for the sake of her family without any sort of expectations. Being a housewife , she lost her own identity and needs.later on when days pass away,she faces her midlife crisis. And Sujata started feeling lonely though she was with every of her family members because everyone got busy with their own work and have no time for her. At this point of her life she had to face the truth of life when her children had other priorities then her. Her relationship with her husband, who is making a name for himself in the corporate world, has become more faded. Today, her well-protected and nurtured nest is empty.

                    Sujata sacrificed her life for sake of her family. since her marriage, she had played the role of a dutiful wife perfectly. Her life revolved around her husband and children. But Today, in the autumn of her life, she finds herself all alone.

Last Episode Roshni asks Sujata to beware of Menka but she dismisses the allegations. Menka seduces Veeresh who almost falls for her. Sujata wants to disclose about Sam’s health to Veeresh. Sujata reaches her house to find Menka and Veeresh in an intimate position. Sujata is shocked & storms out of the room.

August 13, 2008 Veeresh is aghast & he storms out of the party blaming Sujata, which has been destroyed. Sujata asks Menka to take care of Veeresh. Sujata receives a call that Sam has gained consciousness. Sujata & Rukmani confront MD and Rukmani decides to live with Veeresh from now on. Sujata receives a call that Sam has gained consciousness. Sam discloses the truth about Veeresh & Menka before Sujata’s arrival.


Program will telecast on Mon - Thu, 10:00 pm only on Sony TV Created by BR Films Directed by Anil Kumar Opening theme "Sujata" Sound: Thompson Peter Music: Lalit Sen Lyrics: Nawaab Aarzoo


• Indrani Haldar ... Sujata Shah (Main protagonist)

• Aman Verma ... Viresh Shah (Sujata's husband, false protagonist)

• Sheeba Akashdeep ... Roshni (Sujata's best friend)

• Ravee Gupta ... Menka (Viresh's best friend/co-worker)

• Divya Jagdale ... Shaila (Sujata's other best friend)

• Shweta Mahadik ... Saara Shah (Sujata's naughty daughter, antagonist)

• Brijesh Arya ... Sameer/Sam Shah (Sujata's son)

• Ajay Chaudhary ... Jatin (Shaila's son who loves Sujata's daughter Saara)

• Parmeet Sethi ... Kabir (Sujata's college friend/ex-lover)

• ... Neel (Saara's boyfriend who is after her dad's money, antagonist)

• Renuka Israni ... Faiba/Maa (Viresh's mother, antagonist)

• Kiran Bhargav ... Kokila Masi (Shah family's maid who is like a family member, supports Sujata)

• Pooja Joshi ... Tina (Shaila's daughter)

• Surendra Pal ... M.D. Shah (Viresh's father)

• Beena ... Rukmani Shah (Viresh's mother)