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Suptavajrasana, Chakrasana and Dhanurasana in Ayurveda

Suptavajrasana, Chakrasana and Dhanurasana in Ayurveda[edit]


Posture: lie down on your back by straightening our legs and arms. Make your feet come to back of the body and make your knees come back to the back of hip and waist and keep your entire body weight on it.

  • It is better to make forearms loose and make your hands bend like a scissor and keep them under the head and keep knees together and touch the floor and come back to normal state.

Time: 1-2 minutes


1. Stimulates the nerves of back and thighs. 2. Relieves stiffness of thighs and back


Posture: One should lie down on his back. Bend your legs and bring them back and bring your hands near your arms and see that your body is on your foot and palms. Take deep inspiration and make your body like an arch for 2 minutes and then come back to original status with expiration.


1. It gives strength to nerves 2. Useful in diabetes, bronchial

Time: 1 minute


Posture: The knees must be net backwards and catch the feet with the palms.

  • Then raise the head, chest and thighs up and bring the body to a state of Dhanus. The eyes must be upwards. The entire weight of the body must be on the abdomen.

Time: 1-2 minutes


1. Stomach diseases 2. Indigestion 3. Increases digestive fire

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