Sweet in Ayurveda

Sweet (Madura) Ayurveda

  • Sweet foods are sugar, honey, milk and its products are cream, butter, wheat and rice.
  • Sweet increases kapha (excluding honey) and dosha lessens pitta and vata. Sweet rejuvenates the body.
  • It promotes growth of the body. Sweeton taking excess produces kapha in the body.
  • It is homologous to the body. All grains, all oils and all meats are considered to be sweet.
  • Both rice and wheat are sweet. The milk produces and ghee are also sweet food. Ghee is the specific remedy for pitta.
  • Sweet foods are generally soothing to body and it quenches thirst.
  • When vata aggravated, it produces nervousness uncontrolled mood, hurry, worry, excitement, and in such a condition if you take sweet foods or drinks it will cool the vata and also calm the pitta.
  • Excess intake of the sweet brings up heaviness in the body and dullness in the mind and it may also create complications such as diabetes or blood pressure.
  • Consuming too many sweets can aggravate the kapha resulting in digestion, lethargy, heaviness in the body, balancing and coldness in the body, looseness of body organs and dyspnoea, cough and excessive sleep overweight and excess mucus.
  • In these conditions, it is safe to avoid sweet things. However honey is an exception to this rule. It is the only best medicine for balancing kapha.
  • Sweets are named Mishtanna in Ayurveda. They should preferably be developed with ghee.
  • Sweet readying balance Vata and Pitta and exacerbate Kapha. They are heavy to digest.
  • Sweets, developed the ayurvedic way are nourishing, improve the dhatus, provides effectiveness and also act as aphrodisiacs.
  • When taken in extra, they lead in particular health conditions such as fleshiness, cardio- vascular troubles and diabetes.

> Sweet in Ayurveda
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