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TDS Certificate

The TDS Certificate is one of the useful certificates that is needed during the income tax calculation for the adjustment of the TDS amount against the tax that is payable by the Person.

Different TDS certificate types

  1. The Form 16 that is issued in case of salaries for tax computation, tax paid and tax deducted details. This information refers to the information supplied in the form 24Q.
  2. For Non-salaries, the certificated is issued in Form 16a. It contains the information related to the deducted tax and paid tax. You need to submit separate certificates for each section. This information refers to the details supplied in the form 26Q and 27Q.
  3. The certificate is issued in the form 27D in case of Tax collected at source. The information or details refers to the form 27EQ

It is mandatory for the employer to issue form16 to each of his employee within 30 days or one month from the closing date of the financial year in which the tax was deducted. For more details you can refer to the Rule 31(3).

If the TDS certificate is lost the employee can ask for the duplicate on a plain paper furnishing all the necessary details as in Form 16. The employer can also issue the required certificate within one month after the payment of salary of the month, if the employee changes or resigns from the job before the end of financial year.

In case of form 16a it should be issued before 30days from the month end during which the sums or the credit has been paid. If more than one TDS certificate are required the deductor with the mutual consent of the other party can supply all the TDS certificates at a time before the end of the financial year.

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