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TDS Refund

TDS Refund

The basic details to be included in TDS Refund are: Correct Tax deduction or collection Account Number (TAN) of the corresponding tax payer and also corresponding bank need to be filled. People can file their TDS/TCS return at any of the TIN-FCs which is managed by the NSDL. You can refer more details regarding TDS Refund in the NSDL-TIN website.

Charges to File the TDS return are as follows:

  • Returns having up to 100 records will cost Rs.30
  • Returns having 101 to 1000 records will cost Rs.182
  • Returns having more than 1000 records will cost Rs.606.

All these charges for TDS Refund include service tax. Not more than one TDS return can be filed in single computer. The due dates to file this TDS Refund are: April to June 15, July to September 15 and October to December 15.

In case if the PAN number for few tax payers is not mentioned in the TDS Refund form then they can refer the Provisional Receipt which will contain the missing PAN numbers. Then you people can file the missing PAN numbers within seven days to the TIN-FC. The procedure to file the TDS Refund is first you need to file the returns with the income and also you must submit how much you have paid to TDS. Then the Excess tax paid (TDS) will be refunded automatically to you people.

Excess deposit of TDS is the big problem nowadays. But after depositing excess TDS the adjustment will be the big problem for tax payer. In case if the TDS has been deposited more in early part of the year then it can be adjusted in the rest of the year. To adjust people can get application from the Income Tax Department and then they can refund the TDS deposit.


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