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Tax Information Network or TIN is a good step towards the Tax service in India. Indian citizens will get different types of information about the tax. The TIN established on behalf of National Securities Depository Limited and they look after the tax.

TIN has three types of systems

  • Electronic Return Acceptance and Consolidation System (ERACS)
  • Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS)
  • Central PAN Ledger Generation System (CPLGS)

What are the services TIN gives to Indians?

TIN gives different types of systems to Indians. Look at the services given below:

  • Acceptance of AIR
  • Acceptance of electronic and physical TDS/TCS Returns
  • Registration by a PAN holder for viewing its annual tax statement (Form 26AS)
  • Processing of new PAN and PAN change request applications
  • Quarterly Statement Status - Deductors can access details of their statements including financial details through the TIN-FC who has uploaded their statements.

The Indian citizens can now get the latest information about the TIN from the online service. The citizens get the information about the PAN and Tax deduction. They can able to submit the form through online website facilities.

PAN facilities

The citizen will able to submit the PAN form as well as they can also get the latest status of the PAN.

TAN facility

  • Citizens can able to apply TIN through online
  • One will get the enquiry status of the TIN
  • People will also get the print of the letter.

e-Tax Payment

The taxpayer will get to pay the tax through online. They can also able to submit the challan through the websites.

OLTAS Challan Status enquiry

OLTAS challan enquiry is too good for the taxpayers. Through this system, they can able to submit the challan without any hassles.

TIN facilities Centers

The taxpayers will get all information about the TIN facility centers in different parts of India. The TIN facility centers are very beneficial as they provide different facilities to the taxpayers and make the whole system quite easy and user-friendly.
The taxpayers will get the proper TIN facility centers from different websites. They have to choose the state and then they will get the required information.

If someone needs to know the centers of Orissa then the taxpayers have to type the specific name of the state and the user will get the address of all the centers present in that state.