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Tata Aig Life Invest Assure Future

Tata AIG Life Invest Assure Future is a unit linked pension plan from Tata AIG Life that has been designed to meet the needs of growth and capital accumulation. This policy has been designed to invest the money of its insured customers on certain funds of his or her choice after making the deductions of applicable charges. This is one such policy that would help the insured to generate huge value.

'''Some of the important features of Tata AIG Life Invest Assure Future Insurance policy are as follows: '''

* The options for the payment of premiums are also very flexible. Here the insured individuals are able to choose either single or regular payment options. On the other hand, the terms of this policy are also very flexible. Here the policy term for single premium is 5 – 35 years and the regular ones are 10 – 35 years.
* The insured are also eligible to make their choice of investment from six types of funds such as Future Capital Guarantee Pension fund, Future Select Equity Fund, etc. These funds are known to offer dual benefits.
* The policy features Instant Pension Certificate that enables the insured for easy purchase. Apart from this the insured are also eligible to get guaranteed bonus that normally depends of the performance of the company.
* In this policy, regular and steady monetary incomes are enjoyed by the insured after their retirement.
* The premium that has been paid for this policy by the insured is also eligible for tax benefit as per section 80CCC of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.