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Tata Indicom Prepaid Tariff plan

Tata Indicom''' is a brand of Tata Teleservices is part of the Rs. 120,000 Crore (US$ 29 billion) Tata Group that has over 87 companies, over 330,000 employees and more than 2.8 million shareholders. The Group has a formidable presence across the telecom value chain.

Broadly there are two types of services available in Tata Indicom on which tariff depends, also customer needs to check in which circle he/she falls in example Delhi/NCR or any other state of India where Tata Indicom Service is available.

• Handset Bundle Offer
• Pay per call Plan

'''Handset Bundle offers'''

This plan has decent range of Handsets available with different types of tariffs and plans:

•ZTE-C S130 Color FM handset @ Rs 1599 With 600 Minutes absolutely free

•Huawei C2809 Colour Handset with Lifetime connection @ Rs.1599. With 600 Minutes Absolutely Free.

•Samsung Fortress Colour Handset with Lifetime connection @ Rs.1399. With 600 Minutes Absolutely Free.

•Color Handset Huawei 2806 @ Rs 1399 with 1400 Minutes

•Huawei C 200 Handset with Lifetime connection @ Rs.2500. With 500 Minutes Absolutely Free

•Huawei C 2607 Handset with Lifetime connection @ Rs.1200. With 600 Minutes Absolutely Free.

•Huawei 2803 handset with Lifetime validity @ Rs.1298, with 500 Local & STD minutes absolutely FREE

•Samsung Raaga Color FM handset with Lifetime validity @ Rs.1600 with 1000 Local & STD minutes absolutely FREE!

•Samsung Super Hero Colour FM handset with Lifetime validity @ Rs.1800 and get Local + STD Talk time worth 1200 minutes absolutely FREE!

•Haier C 6000 Colour FM handset with Lifetime connection @ Rs.1300 With Talktime worth 1300 minutes absolutely FREE

•Huawei C2803 Colour handset with Lifetime Connection @ Rs.1300 With Talktime worth 750 minutes absolutely FREE!

•B/W Handset Haier 2030 @ Rs 999 with 999 Minutes.

•Huawei C2206 B/W FM Handset with Lifetime connection @ Rs.1350.
With 1200 Minutes Absolutely Free.

•Huawei 2802 handset with Lifetime validity @ Rs.1298 With 500 Local & STD minutes absolutely FREE

'''Pay per call Plan'''

The Pay Per Call plan breaks completely free from the usual pulse of one minute, charging subscribers a fixed charge on a per-call basis:

•Just Re. 1 for all local calls and Rs 3 for STD calls—regardless of the duration of the call.

•SMS would be offered at a special price of 50 paise for both National and local messages.

•Pay Per Call offer is valid on all calls made by Tata Indicom subscribers to any mobile phone or land line connection, on any network.

Other Features of Pay Per Call Plan:'''

•Each local call to be charged at Rs 1 for 10 minutes & each STD call to be charged at Rs 3 for 10 Minutes

•Pulse for Local & STD call will be 600 secs

•Pulse for Roaming calls will be 60 secs

•This new starter kit allows keep talking benefit only with the purchase of a new handset on the Tata Indicom network, if sim is used with old & used handsets, the default tariffs of Rs 1/min for Local calls & 1.5/min for STD Calls. Local SMS @ Rs1 & National SMS @ Rs 1.5

•As a special promotion, customers will enjoy an extended pulse of 24 hours for all local calls for first 15 days from date of activation

•Daily rental to be charged at Rs 1 per day

•Keep talking plan is a standalone plan & cannot be coupled with any other special offers which has free talk time or free minutes built in.