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Tata Sky online payment

The Tata sky satellite television needs to be subscribed before using. The customer who wishes to get the Tata sky satellite TV should first subscribe for the digicomp hardware which costs Rs 1599 for Tata sky and Rs 8999 for Tata sky+. The hardware should then be installed at a payment of Rs 1000 which includes installation warranty and activation charges. The subscription for Tata sky can be made online. If the customer desires he/she can go for the Tata sky online payment. Other than the subscription recharge and other payments can also be made online.

Following are the processes of Tata sky online payment:

For subscription:

  • The user should log on to My Tata Sky.

  • Click on the subscription option and choose the suitable option for the digicomp.
  • Follow the processes mentioned.
  • The customer should choose the option by which he/she wishes to pay.

Following are the processes of Tata sky online payment for recharging:

  • Selection of any one of the given options mainly; payment through credit card, auto debit facility, payment via recharge voucher, cheque payment facility and mobile recharge.
  • The registered user should log in to My Tata Sky section.
  • Payment should be made through credit card and net banking account.
  • For recharge voucher, the proper voucher should be collected from the nearest dealer.
  • The 16 digit recharge PIN should be revealed.
  • Logging in to My Tata Sky section the amount recharge option should be selected and the 16 digit recharge code should be entered.
  • For debit card facility the customer give Tata sky the authority to debit the bank account or the credit card for a fixed amount of Rs 500 each time the account balance reaches Rs 200.


i will pay may Tata sky payment ID No : 1016489211 Plan : Multi room subcription South jumbo Pack

I am tatasky dealer, I want to recharge for the coustomer, How I can recharge , plz tell me. thanks Amarjot Electronics, Jaipur

Iam tatasky dealer, I want to recharge for coustomer, How I can recharge, plz support. thanks Amarjot Electronics, jaipur

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