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Teen Bahuraniyaan


Teen Bahuraniyaan is a TV show depicting the story of three daughters-in-law of different cultural backgrounds living in one house as a joint family. The story has comic relief along with kitchen politics.

Teen Bahuraniyaan is a tale of three bahus (daughters-in-law) sharing different backgrounds and now live under one roof of the Gheewala parivar (family). The family is an upper class Gujarati joint family living in Ahmedabad. Their individual lives pass through distinct ups and downs as they share different equations and at different levels with their in-laws and other members of the family. Keeping alive their personal interests the bahuraniyaas tackle day-to-day affairs in their own way and manner and manage to fight for what is wrong and prove themselves worthy of the Gheewala Parivar. The daughters in law attempt to maintain peace in the family, but face numerous challenges from both outside and within the family, particularly from their mothers in law's , whose selfish behavior threatens to destroy the family.

Within this seriousness, each episode usually features a great deal of comedy, making the show appealing to a wide audience.But right is not featuring comedy but horror. As Kajal was gonna get married to Mahesh the report was out that she was already pregnant.And due to some consequences Mahesh married Payal,Kajal's younger sis and Kajal was furious about that and she died and then she again came back as spirit or a ghost and started to make the Gheewala family and specially Bindiya and tried to make Payal's too life as hell. 

She occupied bindiya's body and she tortured her so much that Bindiya was scared to death and before her target was only the Gheewala family but now as Kunjbala took Payal's side, she got even furious and tried to kill her but that "Thaaveez"(A note added to a thread and that will be blessed by GOD,which saved her). After that they call trikal baba. With the help of him they succeed to trap Kajal' ghost. The three couples think of going on a holiday but are unaware that some terrorists are following them. A grand mask party takes place. All couples are dancing on the song "Darde disco". Sameer, rohit and mahesh go to get some drinks when a huge bomb blast happens. Janki sreams.

Keeping alive their personal interests our "three bahuraaniyaans" tackle day to day issues in their own individual manner and manage to combat the battle of life with other members of Gheewala parivar .

Created by Playtime Creationn

Directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi & Pawan Kumar

 "Teen Bahuraniyaan" by Navin Tripathi & Madhushree

Cast :

Paresh Rawal Deepak Gheewala Jyostsana Karyekar Meghna Roy Deepak Pareek Meenakshi Sethi Anurag Prapanna Nimisha Vakharia Jay Dutt Swati Shah Manish Raisinghani Prashant Chaddha/Abhay Vakil Mehul Kajaria/Yash Sinha Kadambari Kadam Manva Naik Amrapalli Gupta Aanchal Anand Anang Desai/Pankaj Dheer Vaishali Thakkar Simple Kaul Smriti Zubin Irani Aman Verma Shubhavi Soni Singh Roopa Divetia Chhavi Mittal

10.30 P.M to 11.00 P.M (30 mins long)

Telecasted on Monday - Thursday