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Three Stages Viz Mild, Moderate and Serious of Imbalance in Ayurveda

==Three Stages Viz Mild, Moderate and Serious of Imbalance in Ayurveda==

'''Mild changes'''

* Loss of memory, loss of concentration, more worries, restlessness, differed thoughts and loss of freshness.

'''Moderate changes'''

* Nervousness-tremor in hands, '''anxiety''', loss of appetite, impaired thinking, feels tired-physically, loss of physical coordination and loss of sleep.

'''Serious changes'''

* Severe nervousness-shaking of hands and head, loss of hunger, delusions and hallucinations.

* Chronic '''alcoholics''' and '''drug addicts''' will naturally go into the state of too much '''vata''' aggravation.

* The schizophrenic type of activities are nothing but mental changes due to vata vitiation at its highest level.

* Mild and moderate changes in a chronic alcoholic and chronic drug addicts are treatable.

* The changes leading to serious imbalance of '''vata''' to the extreme heights are not at all easily treatable.

* Mild changes result in mild imbalance of '''doshas'''. So also, moderate changes will have moderate imbalance of vata doshas.

* In these two imbalances, it is easy for the Ayurveda doctor to treat.

* One Mr. Annaiah, a contractor, was a chronic alcoholic. He was put on '''Ayurveda''' medicine with meditation. He abstained from alcohol, but his original symptoms of shaking hand, head, anxiety with severe sleeplessness continued with abstinence.

* In order to stabilize the chemically imbalanced '''vata''', it is very necessary to adhere to meditation. The normal rhythm of vata will be restored by this simple technique.