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Ticket Depostit Receipt

TDR (ticket Deposit Receipt) is an instrument of refund available in the Indian railways. It is the last instrument of refund. When a ticket crosses all criteria of refund a ticket deposit receipt is issued to claim refund. This is issued by ticket checking staff in the station and the station master. Within 30 days a TDR is issued. For some reason or other a passenger fails to take refund of his unused tickets. And in this way he or she just goes on crossing the time period available for various kinds of tickets.

A TDR happens to be in 3 foils. But a passenger is only concerned with his copy that is known as Passenger copy. When one is issued a TDR he is required to send the same to the refund section or address specified in such foil. Similar foil is also sent from the station to the same office and when both copies are verified with the journey details, a refund order is issued to the concerned passenger.

A TDR is issued in case of ticket bought from the internet like E ticket or I ticket. As such tickets involve online payment and transfer the refundable amount to a particular credit card account or bank account. A TDR issued by the station staff is then presented to the issuing authority of such ticket. Railway directly is not involved in the selling of ticket and instead IRCTC supervises and sell such tickets.

Tickets issued from other station if presented at a different station for cancellation is not granted refund and instead a TDR is issued to claim refund directly from the head quarter.

This is but a dilatory process as sending snail mail and tallying various details involves too much time. This is not time effective and not cost effective either as a passenger is asked to expend some money while sending such document. Hence it is advisable for a passenger to check the usual refund period and take refund from the station concerned as soon as possible within the stipulated time available.