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Tirupati Howarh Express

Tirupati Howarh Express is a super fast train that runs between Yeshwantpur and Howrah. Howrah station is the point which connects Calcutta (or Kolkata as it is known now) to the other three metros in India.

This train is called the Tirupati Howarh Express or the Howrah Yeshwantpur Express as well.

Train No. 2864- Yeshwantpur Howarh Express runs from Yeshwantpur to Howrah via Tirupati. It commences its journey from Yashwantpur (near Bangalore in Karnataka) at 7.35 PM daily. It reaches Tirupati at 2.30 AM the next day and reaches Howrah at 6.10 AM on the third day. In all, this train takes 35 hours and 35 minutes to complete its entire journey.

Train No. 2863- Howrah Yeshwantpur Express runs from Howrah to Yeshwantpur via Tirupati. It starts from Howrah at 8.35 PM and reaches Tirupati at 11.45 PM the next day. It finally reaches Yeshwantpur at 7.55 AM on the morning of the third day of the journey. In all, the train takes 35 hours and 20 minutes.

After landing at night, passengers traveling to Tirupati can take a few hours rest and start climbing the hill in the early hours of the morning, which is preferred by most pilgrims who visit Lord Balaji’s temple.

Tirupati Howarh Express is a daily train travels 1618 km and offers 2nd Sleeper, 3rd AC and 2nd AC berths for Rs. 453, Rs. 1219 and Rs. 1669 respectively.