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Titan Eye

Titan Eye is a Chain of high end shops started from Titan Group where they are offering glasses and

Services provided by Titan Eye[edit]

  • Titan Eye provides various spectacles frames which are designed for people of all age groups. One can see a wide range of varieties in the collection of Titan Eye frames which are available for reasonable as well as for expensive cost price. Though Titan eye says their starting range is Rs 300, the minimum cost of the frame is often in the range from Rs 3000 and often the frames cost Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000.
  • Titan Eye offers various ranges of Contact eye lenses for people of all age group. You can also undergo thorough eye checkup by eye specialists and get your contact lens prescribed in the Titan Eye center only.
  • You can also avail various cylindrical lenses with different shapes and sizes according to the person’s eye sight.
  • You can also get a wide range of sun glass collection with different designs and patterns of various brands.
  • You can check out the various latest eye frame collection via this link
  • You can check out the huge collection of lenses via

Latest offers of Titan Eye[edit]

  • Titan Eye provides style consultancy for a very low charge for picking a right frame and lens.
  • You can check out the various international designs for huge discount.
  • Trained retail and technical staff help you make a right and favorite choice of your in Titan Eye.
  • You can find a branded set of scratch resistant lenses in Titan Eye.

Store Locators of Titan Eye[edit]


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