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Tomato pickle

Tomato Pickle is very popular in South India especially in Andhra Pradesh. Tomato pickle is a very hot, sweet, sour and spicy in taste. This can be easily made and preserved for long days in refrigerators. Tomato pickle can be eaten with chapattis, puris, idli and dosa. It has so yummy taste that it also goes well with plain rice and ghee. Tomato pickle recipe takes 30 minutes for preparation. Tomato pickle is very healthy.

Ingredients to make Tomato Pickle

Tomatoes– 1 kg Tamarind– 150 gram Red chillie powder- 200 gram Turmeric- 1 tbsp Mustard seeds- 2 tbsp Salt– 100 gram Gingely oil- 300 l Fenugreek – 2 tbsp Mustard- 4 tsp jeera- 4 tsp Curry leaves whole red chillies- 10 to 15

Procedure to cook Tomato Pickle

At first chop the tomatoes and put it in a large fry pan. Stir and fry it well at high temperature. Wash the tamarind nicely by taking out the fibre and seeds. Make a thick purie by absorbing it in hot water and mixing it in blender. Make the tomatoes free from water without getting it burnt. Add tamarind purie to it till it becomes thick and dry gravy. Mix the spices like red chillie powder, turmeric powder and salt to it. Put oil in another fry pan. and season with the mustard, jeera, whole red chillie powder and curry leaves. Add this to the tomato and tamarind mixture. Take the fenugreek and mustard and roast them dry. Grind them nicely and distribute them equally over the pickle. Preserve it in air tight container. It is ready to serve with rice.

Tomato pickle is very tasty. You can prepare it very easily at home.

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