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Top Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

Top Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is the heart of India thus comprises scores of engineering institutes and attracts several students from all over India. The place is a much sought-after destination for higher education in India. There are various engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh that offer a minimum of 4-year courses in Bachelors of Engineering, Bachelors of Technology, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Instrumental Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The colleges provide students with basic infrastructural facilities such as lecture halls, conference halls, computer labs and many others. Some of the famous engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh are accredited by JNTU (Jawaharlal Technology University) along with some regional universities.

The engineering colleges of the state are managed by both the private and government sector. The engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh strictly follow the common examination test held by the government to get admission into the desired institute. There are also a few private colleges, offer admissions through collecting high fees from the candidates under the management quota. The colleges of Andhra Pradesh offer post graduate and graduate engineering courses along with the campus placement for all its students. The engineering colleges of Andhra Pradesh provide high-quality training facilities in order to make the aspirants well-versed with the modern techniques.

Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

1. JNTUA College of Engineering


Sir Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah Road, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh 515002, India.

Ph: +91- 8554-73013; 08554-272083

The college is provided with most modern equipment and facilities with the support of MHRD and AICTE, which makes it unable to produce highly efficient engineering graduates and technicians. The college is ranked as best in Andhra. Useful links:

2. College of Engineering-Andhra University,


AU College of Engineering (Autonomous),
Andhra University,
Visakhapatnam – 530 003.

Ph: 0891-2844999, 2754586
Fax : 0891-2791179, 2747969

The college is rated as one among the top centers in Andhra Pradesh providing excellent guidance in an engineering field. It also provides much more extracurricular and student friendly activities for the development of a responsible citizen. Useful links

3. College of Engineering JNTU


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University,

College of Engineering,

Kakinada, East Godavari district,

Ph: +091-0884 - 2366356; 3090318       

Fax: 0884 - 238651      

JNTU is one of the top technical Universities in Andhra as well as in India for developing pioneers in the field, humanity, progress and tolerance. The college offers five undergraduate and nine postgraduate programs in engineering. Useful linkshttp://www.jntucek.orgEmail:

4. JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad (Autonomous).

Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500085,
Telangana, India.

Ph: +91 40 3242 2253

The college is counted as one of best centers with sophisticated instrument facilities and eminent teaching staffs to incarnate high-quality engineers. The college is receiving funds for development from different central and state agencies. Useful links

5. JNTU College of Engineering 


 Muddanur Road, Pulivendula, Andhra Pradesh 516390, India

Ph: +91 85682 12313

The college offers undergraduate programs in different branches of engineering. The center aims to produce talented professionals with humanity and high responsibility to the nation. Useful links:

6. SVU College of Engineering 


 Tirupati, A.P, India-517502

 Ph: +91-877-2289561

S.V. University College of engineering incubates technically perfect products with humanity, responsibility, and tolerance. The university has also arranged many scholarships for facilitating education to most of the talented students. Useful links

7. University College of Engineering Osmania University, Hyderabad.


Osmania University, Hyderabad - 500 007, Telangana State, India.

Ph: 91 40 27098254, 91 40 27682384

The college provides an ambient environment for the development of engineers to meet every need that can be provided to the nation. It helps to grow the habit of thinking learning and developing ideas. Useful links

8.International Institute of Information Technology 


Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500 032
Telangana, INDIA
Ph : +91-40-6653 1000
Fax : +91-40-6653 1413

The institute is provided with high-quality instruments and eminent professors and lecturers which enable them to develop new technologies to extend its industrial and societal application. The center offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the engineering field. Useful links:

9. Sree Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology and science 


Chowderpally (Vill), Devarkadra (Mdl)
Mahabubnagar (Dist) Telangana – 509 204.
Ph: +91- 8542- 249236,236915,920
Fax No: 08542 – 236922
Cell:95055 06207

The institute is destined to create technically eminent and ethically strong manpower to create and implicate new ideas for the world. the training and placement cell is much effective for students to get placed in top companies. Useful links:

10. University college of Engineering Kakatiya university


Kakatiya Uni­ver­sity
Andhra Pradesh 507101

Ph: 08744 – 257123, 257125, 257158
Fax: 08744 – 257125

The college is rated as one of the best centers in Andhra in engineering studies and possess high-quality laboratories for training. The college also has a skilled set of lecturers for guidance. Useful links:


1)NIT- National Institute of Technology Warangal 2)iiit 3)osmania 4)andhra university 5)jntu 6)jntu kakinada 7)cbit 8)jntu ananthpur 9)gitam 10)svu 11)vasavi 12)ICFAI 13)Muffakam Jah(Minority College) 14)rvr & JC 15)KONERU LAKSHMAIAH ENGINEERING COLLEGE 16)sree nidhi 17)MVSR 18)Siddhartha Engineering College 19)Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science 20)Vignan Engineering college,Guntur 21)Gokaraju Rangaraju 22)MGIT 23)CVR

annayya.. enduku top college la gurinchi discus chesthunnaru.. now let us discuss about flop college annayya... college manchidaA... ANNADI KAADU ANNAYYA..... MANAM MANCHIGA CHADIVAAMA ANNADI MUKYAM...

most of the college are waste colleges in the list. over 30 years of existence and only college in andhra too admit foreign nationals and having consistent and excellent placement track recordof 100 percent placements since 2002 KLUNIVERSITY. rated as one of the premier technologcal university in the of the researcher at KLU got a project from NASA also there are lot of ongoing sponsered research project.DIscipline is the hall mark of the college,. placement status 2004-2005-450 placement offers 2005-2006-512 highest KIRLOSKAR-4.2 LPA ONCAMPUS HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS-OFFCAMPUS -5.4 LPA 2006-2007--712 OFFERS HIGEST CTS 4.0 LPA ONCAMPUS HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS[6 LPA 2007-2008--550 OFFERS HIGHST CTS 4.0 2008-2009-357 OFFERS HIGEST ADP-3.6 2009-2010 TILL DATE FEB 20 TH 345 OFFRS HIGHEST CONVERGYS -4.2 LPA ADP-3.6 LPA VISITED COMPANIES SO FAR THIS YEAR INCLUDE INFOSYS-102,HCL-54,CONVERGYS-1,ADP-3,HLINE -22,PURPLELEAP-38, SLASH SUPPORT-78,SOBHA DEVELOPERS-8,BSCPL-6,L AND T ECC-16, STANDARD AND POORS-3,FACT SET-10, YET TO VISIT GIVEN DATES ESSAR THERMODYNE POWER MECHANICAL ACCENTURE WIPRO HYUNDAI MOTORS INDIA PVT LTD

Though it has not accredited by NBA means it has not applied,All good colleges don't get NBA automatically, The college should apply for NBA. VASAVI is in top 100 colleges in INDIA

dont mind who ever wrote this but i can bet my life that deccan college of engg is far better than muffkamjah where study is concerned

A good College means not only Studies but also the Infrastructure of the Labs and clas rooms matter. yeah DECCAN is also a Very Good college . I know, I went to It. but still MJ is Better.

Sorry Guys for not writing VNR Vignan Jyothi. here Comes; 1)NIT- National Institute of Technology Warangal 2)iiit 3)osmania 4)andhra university 5)jntu 6)jntu kakinada 7)cbit 8)jntu ananthpur 9)gitam 10)svu 11)vasavi 12)ICFAI 13)Muffakam Jah(Minority College) 14)rvr & JC 15)KONERU LAKSHMAIAH ENGINEERING COLLEGE 16)sree nidhi 17)MVSR 18)VNR Vignan Jyothi 19)Siddhartha Engineering College 20)Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science 21)Vignan Engineering college,Guntur 22)Gokaraju Rangaraju 23)MGIT there may be some mistakes, but i tried to get correct list. Please tell me is there are any mistakes

hello brother.. I know the power of MJCET.. I friends in MJCET. It is an excellent college. But still i is not the No.1 in A.P.

hey M.V.S.R Engineering College is The Best private engineering college in Hyderabad after CBIT. It is better than MJCET, VASAVI and Sree Nidhi. You Can verify if u want. Really M.V.S.R Is better. I have friends in M.V.S.R. and MJCET and CBIT and Sree Nidhi.

yes u r correct mjcet is excellent colz ee tokkalo discussion ento nakardam katle..... 400 colleges unnay...annitini museste intikelllipovochu

1)sri indu institute of Technology hyd 2)iiit 3)osmania 4)andhra university 5)jntu 6)NIT- National Institute of Technology Warangal 7)cbit 8)jntu ananthpur 9)gitam 10)svu 11)vasavi 12)ICFAI 13)Muffakam Jah(Minority College) 14)rvr & JC 15)KONERU LAKSHMAIAH ENGINEERING COLLEGE 16)sree nidhi 17)MVSR 18)VNR Vignan Jyothi 19)Siddhartha Engineering College 20)Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science 21)Vignan Engineering college,Guntur 22)Gokaraju Rangaraju 23)MGIT

nit warangal at 6th... are u kidding!! nit is a national level college, remove it frm the list, it shud not b included in this state level ranking. it is ranked the best nit in the country dude!!!

read about ur lakireddy...

Now MVSREC Has reached even more top in the List...Is is Top 19th Private College in India. Even Sree Nidhi has reached top 15th private engineering college in India. Both are now Better than vasavi College.

This is not 100% true but 95% true, MVSR is among top 25 private engineering colleges in india, but still they didnt put CBIT,IIIT. I am from CBIT , i am sad to see this list that our college is not listed in this, But still we CBITians know what is our position. And it is really amazing that MVSR is Really Progressing its development very Rapidly, it is rated better than VASVAVI. My Brother is studying in MVSR, i was it few months back and it has really developed a lot. Still it is not Better than our CBIT. And even it is amazing to see sree nidhi in 15th position in the list, good going MVSR and SREE NIDHI. Best of LUCK!!!!

According to the 2010 Survey Rankings, and latest developmetns in the colleges, these are the rankings(99% Accurate) 1)NIT- National Institute of Technology Warangal 2)IIT-H 3)iiit 4)osmania 5)andhra university 6)jntu 7)jntu kakinada 8)cbit 9)jntu ananthpur 10)gitam 11)svu 12)Muffakam Jah(Minority College) 13)ICFAI 14)MVSR 15)sree nidhi 16)KONERU LAKSHMAIAH ENGINEERING COLLEGE 17)rvr & JC 18)vasavi 19)VNR Vignan Jyothi 20)Siddhartha Engineering College 21)Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science 22)Vignan Engineering college,Guntur 23)Gokaraju Rangaraju 24)MGIT

many news papers and many adda are giving their surveys in top colleges .but they are not including minority colleges in their reports..wt abt ur view in this mj college is competing in top colleges in ap and india ..please respond this...

MGIT is far better than siddartha.kakatiya.etc,,,how cum cvr is in top 25? where is VNRVJIET?? which is in 1st position in JNTU far v know these are the top colleges which are affiliated 2 JNTU hyd.. 1.VNRVJIET 2.SRINIDHI 3.GRIET 4.MGIT

KONERU LAKSHMAIAH ENGINEERING COLLEGE established in 1980 NBA accredeted , fast growing , higestt UGC rate on scale 3.6/4.00 , teacher /student ration 1/13, beutiful greenfield campus , autonomus since 2006 , now deemed university in 2009 , 100 % placement since 2005 only one in AP where foriegners can take admission. have few % for national integration quota from this year. shoud be graded as in top 15 in AP and 50 in INDIA if any serious survey is done today.

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