Top Engineering Colleges in Karnataka

Top Engineering Colleges in Karnataka

The education system in Karnataka is backed-up by a healthy education environment in the Southern part of Asia, with an enormous score of professional engineering colleges. Some of the top engineering colleges in Karnataka are deemed universities, which entice the students coming from both overseas and India. The top engineering colleges in Karnataka offer various undergraduate and postgraduate courses to the aspirants, followed by a few diploma courses in Engineering. Several courses offered by the engineering colleges across Karnataka are B.E, B.Tech, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering to name a few. The colleges of Karnataka are famous for providing high-quality education to its students.

Karnataka education system, mainly boasts of government colleges, government aided colleges and privately owned colleges. The eligibility criteria to obtain admission in the top engineering colleges in Karnataka is to qualify through Common Examination Test, also known as CET. CET, mainly regulates the admission to several engineering colleges operating under government and private sector. There are also a few regional engineering institutions available for the students offering quality teaching and training skills to comply with the technological norms of the outside industry. Also, there are a few engineering colleges, aided as an autonomous university affiliated to UGC (University Grant Commission).

Top Engineering Colleges in Karnataka

1) R.V. College of Engineering
Mysore road, Bangalore. Ph: +91- 80-28600337

This prestigious institution is ranked top providing a notch above other centers in Karnataka. Modern instrumentation facilities and practicals in the college helps the students to upgrade themselves with the present status of technology
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2) Manipal Institute of Technology
Manipal, Karnataka. Ph: +91- 820-2571061

MIT offers high quality education and advanced lab facilities for the development of skilled engineers and technicians. The centre is affiliated to many institutes, societies and associations in India and abroad.
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3) P.E.S. College of Engineering
Mandya, Karnataka. Ph: +91-8232-220043

PES college of engineering offers undergraduate courses in various branches of engineering. The campus and labs are well equipped and eminent set of lecturers help students to develop creativity and implications.
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4) B.T.L. Institute of Technology & Management
Bommasandra, Bangalore. Ph: +91-80-28423055

The college is rated as one of the best centers in Karnataka imparting quality teaching. They provide ambient conditions for intellectual discussions and expressing the ideas of students.
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5) Sri M. Visweswaraya Institute of technology
Hunasamaranahalli, Bangalore. Ph: +91-80- 28467248

This centre is rated as one among the top in Karnataka. Eminent professors and lecturers and modern facilities provided in the college helps the students to become pioneers in the field.
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6) Bangalore Institute of Technology
K.R. Road. Bangalore. Ph: +91-80-26613237

BIT, situated in the heart of garden city is well renowned for lab facilities and industrial collaborations. They provide undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree courses in different branches of engineering.
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7) The National Institute of Engineering
Mysore, Karnataka. Ph: +91- 821-2480475

One of the oldest institutions in Mysore, the NIE holds seventh position in the top ten list. The institute is in close collaboration with most of top institutes and industries in India and is also conducting part time engineering courses.
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8) University Visweswaraya College of Engineering
K.R. Circle, Bangalore Ph: +91-80-22210694

The college is destined to produce talented engineers and technicians keeping the sense of morality and humanity among students. They help students to create dynamism and leadership in future aspect.
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9) M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
MSR Nagar, Bangalore. Ph: +91-80-23600822

The institute is well renowned for its contribution to the education field in Karnataka. They offers undergraduate engineering degree courses in different branches. The centre is in close contact with many industries.
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10) B.M. Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering
Bull temple road, Bangalore. Ph: +91-80-26611586

The college offers high quality technical education and is considered as one of the prime choice of aspirants in engineering field. They number of ranks coming to college every year is a symbol of standard teaching.
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> Top Engineering Colleges in Karnataka
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hi ...guys i came to

hi ...guys i came to engineering through cet i am in 1st year but i want to change my college how can i make this please inform if it is what is the fee structure ...for this if any another time option entry please sugeest me...


PH. NO.-08093174202,08797600941
EXPERT ADVISORY (09097770703)




CONTACT US : 07842389145/08797600941

Contact for addmission in all

Contact us at,07842389145/08797600941

is it possible to get into

is it possible to get into any of the above mentioned colleges / or any college with campus placements with 9000 odd rank with GMK, GMR, or 3Bk, 3BR quota?

Direct Admission (No test No

Direct Admission (No test No Entrance)for top college through Management /NRI/Foreign Quota – Bangalore (Karnataka), Chennai & Nepal For B.E / B.Tech, MBBS, BDS, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, B.Com, BBM, BCA, B.Sc, NURSING. Top college lower price Call us for more details: Ashok Pandey - Mob- +91-7676152925, E-mail- Website-

Direct Admission (No test No

Direct Admission (No test No Entrance)for top college through Management /NRI/Foreign Quota – Bangalore (Karnataka), Chennai & Nepal For B.E / B.Tech, MBBS, BDS, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, B.Com, BBM, BCA, B.Sc, NURSING. Top college lower price Call us for more details: Ashok Pandey - Mob- +91-7676152925, E-mail- Website-

Wt is the ranking of msr acc

Wt is the ranking of msr acc to kea??????????? Which companies are offered for campus in msr?????

Wt is the ranking of msr in

Wt is the ranking of msr in kea?????????? Which companies offered for campus in msr??

y u no update this list.?

y u no update this list.?

where does jain university

where does jain university stands

Canara Engg college Provides

Canara Engg college Provides lot of placement opportunities in mangalore region and excellent faculty and infrastructure. Why this college is not appearing in your list?

The information provided

The information provided above is totally false :

Above mentioned is almost

Above mentioned is almost correct information about ranking of colleges in karnataka... Placement wise PESIT is better than RV..
PESIT gets around 100-120 companies/year..RV about 90-100 n SJCE ,BMS around 80-100 companies...Above these top 4 prefer SJCE!! good placemnts,Mysore climate n very reasonable fees!!!

For EC RV is top. for CS BMS and SJCE are top.....Good Luck!!

Thank you for this fantastic

Thank you for this fantastic content.I am hoping all continues like that quality.

What about MITE mangalore is

What about MITE mangalore is dis a good college,
wch r the good colleges n mangalore

Which are the top govt col in

Which are the top govt col in karnataka
which is the better govt col for campus

Give me reply

Give me reply

Please suggest some best

Please suggest some best diploma engineering collage, preferably outside Bangalore with good hostel facility.




RV,PESIT,SJCE and BMS were leading BE colleges in Karnataka,now leading and in future will be leading.... Some people mentioned name of few colleges that i hear for first time ....PES Mandya???

they say that ATRIA college

they say that ATRIA college of engineering stans no.9 in banglore..but ther is no name of the college in the list.In which place does it sta
nds actyally??

somewhere after 20th! yes!

somewhere after 20th! yes!

To get polytechnic &

To get polytechnic & Engineering information in ur mobile just sms:
send to 9223050606
its free...

can anybody give me details

can anybody give me details of Dr.ambedkar college of Engg bangalore,i got VLSI & embedded for
i've one more casual round to change college....plz suggest me some good college other than this which has good placements....

we want information about

we want information about admissions for engineering courses in mysore

(No subject)

we have seen hoardings

we have seen hoardings advertising that NEW HORIZON ENGINEERING COLLEGE standing no. 5 in karnataka..........where is this college in your list????????????

its not just a good

its not just a good college.... it is placed sumwhere after 18th

stands 5th crap.ITs a crap

stands 5th crap.ITs a crap college no palcements whatsoever.They say they are the best in placements, while providing a long list of colleges where there is no metnion of colleges like RV,BITSn others


1 RV
8 ............

bnmit placemet details Sl.

bnmit placemet details

Sl. No. Company Date Eligible Selected Total Placed Salary LPA
X XII BE Branch
1 Tata Consultancy Services 27.12.2010 60 60 60 ALL 50 16 28 6 15 115 3.16
2 HCL Financial Services 31.12.2010 60 60 60 ALL 18 14 19 10 2 63 3.25
3 Mind Tree 05.01.2011 65 65 65 ALL 13 6 10 2 1 32 3.2
4 Exeter India 07.01.2011 70 70 70 ALL 1 2 1 - - 4 5.5
5 Infotech Enterprises 10.01.2011 60 60 60 ALL 2 2 3 5 5 17 2.75
6 Celstream Technologies 11.01.2011 70 70 70 CSE/ISE/ECE/TCE 2 2 2 - - 6 3.0
7 Nokia Siemens Networks 13.01.2011 70 70 70 CSE/ECE/TCE 3 - 6 3 - 12 3.8
8 Sasken Communications 20.01.2011 70 70 70 CSE/ECE/TCE - - 1 - - 1 2.75
9 Tata Elxsi 25.01.2011 60 60 70 ALL 1 - 2 - 2 5 2.40
10 Accenture 27.01.2011 60 60 60 ALL 22 12 21 5 7 67 3.00
11 L & T Infotech 02.02.2011 60 60 58 ALL 1 2 2 2 1 8 3.00
12 Syntel 19.02.2011 50 50 50 ALL - 1 1 - - 2 2.80
13 Mphasis 21.02.2011 60 60 60 ALL - - 5 2 2 9 3 to 3.5
14 PRDC 21.02.2011 70 70 70 EEE - - - - 2 2 2.40
15 Oracle Financial Services 04.03.2011 60 60 60 ALL 1 - - - - 1 3.00
16 Wipro Technologies 10.03.2011 50 50 60 ECE/TCE/EEE - - 10 - 2 12 3.25
Total 114 57 111 35 39 356

thika muchkand irappa en

thika muchkand irappa en eligible iroru ella place ago hagidre namdu throughout 70% ide navu age illa....!

not correct at all

not correct at all

sucks really

sucks really

ya...u people given wrong

ya...u people given wrong info..i didnt heard about BTL ,horribly it took position in top 10!!!!!!!!!!accodin to my view top 10 may be like this
1 RV
7 ..........

f**ck ur view. accept wats

f**ck ur view. accept wats given

the above one is almost the

the above one is almost the correct correct...but still we need a branch wise list

i want to know the list of

i want to know the list of top 10 medical colleges in karnataka

the information given above

the information given above is wrong

wow wat a

wow wat a list...............

BTL is in Top 5 colleges in Karanataka ah???????????

Wat a damn wrong count down

Den wer s New Horizons College of Engineering???????????

new horizon college will neva

new horizon college will neva cum on top 10 watsoever! its ranking is after 18th.. they just give fake publicity!

correct buddy.more than 50

correct buddy.more than 50 percent students are from management seats

1.R.V 2.B.M.S 3.P.S.E.T(pesit

3.P.S.E.T(pesit rocks)

15+,new horizon college of engineering(full fake adverticing)

correct buddy.more than 50

correct buddy.more than 50 percent students are from management seats

where is N.M.A.M. IT nitte??

where is N.M.A.M. IT nitte?? & P.E.S. IT Bangalore??

NMAMIT college is located at

NMAMIT college is located at Nitte near Mangalore ...Udupui district.A well known college for its reputation and autonomous,placements are good...this year it is 550 out of 600 students approx placed in different 55 companies and still placements oppurtunities going on...though place is little boring not like blore...but for career is good and the best thing is autonomous.

totally humbug..wrong info

totally humbug..wrong info

ah,,,,,,, which college is

ah,,,,,,, which college is with top most rankings and with more campus interviews in davanagere

the information is worst and

the information is worst and absolutely wrong .. In top 10 there's no SJCE at all instead there's PES... ha!!!!

where is our sjce

where is our sjce

The Information is totally

The Information is totally wrong ..
Where is SJCE mysore
BVB Hubli ..
GIT Belgaum ...


3. bmsCE
4. sjce
6. sit
7. NIE
8. msrit

mvit is also comes in top 10

mvit is also comes in top 10 ranking list
its 5th in position as per kea

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