Top Engineering Colleges in West Bengal

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in West Bengal(2011)

West Bengal is one of the renowned places boasts of high-quality engineering colleges and has been a pioneer in developing the modern system of education all over India. The western model education system started from West Bengal. The engineering colleges are easily spotted all over the state representing an epitome for high standard and superior technical education. Some of the top engineering colleges in West Bengal are in the Kharagpur district, providing technical education to the students. The top engineering colleges in West Bengal offer aspirants with postgraduate and undergraduate engineering courses along with an assurance of high-quality training and education.

Some of the different disciplines offered by the top engineering colleges in West Bengal include Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Printing Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The procedure of admission into the top engineering colleges in West Bengal is mainly done through highly-competitive Examinations like JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) which is conducted by WBBHSE (West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education). The specialty of the West Bengal colleges is to mass-produce high-quality engineers by providing proper training and research to the aspirants. There are also available scores of privately owned and government owned institutions with an objective to offer skilled professors and placement for almost all the students.

1. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur The IIT Kharagpur or IIT KGP) is an autonomous engineering, technology, and management oriented institute of higher education established by the government of India in 1951. The first of the original five IITs to be established, it is recognized as an Institute of National Importance by the government of India. IIT Kharagpur has been ranked the best engineering college by Outlook magazine in 2009 and 2010

2. Faculty of Engineering Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Ph: +91-33-24146000

The college is rated as best among engineering institutions in West Bengal due to the maintenance of high academic standards and laboratory facilities. They also have efficient placement cell to provide best opportunities for students for M.Tech. Useful links: Faculty of Engineering

3. Bengal Engineering and Science University Howrah, West Bengal. Ph: +91-33-26684561

The institution offers undergraduate courses in various branches of engineering and technology. The facilities provided in the college are up to international standards and can create excellent professionals. Useful links: Bengal Engineering and Science University

4. National Institute of Technology Durgapur, Dist: Burdwan, West Bengal

The institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses & Ph.D. courses in the various discipline. It is an institute of national importance & ranked among the best engineering colleges in India. Useful link: National Institute of Technology

5. SIT (WBUT) Kolkata Salt lake, Sector 4, high qualityWest Bengal, India The School of Information Technology Kolkata (also SIT and formerly IIIT-C) is the Information Technology Department of the WBUT. The institution started as Indian Institute of Information Technology - Calcutta in 2000 with seed support from the government of West Bengal in association with the IT Industry. 

6. Marine Engineering & Research Institute Kolkata, West Bengal. Ph: +91-33-24014673

MERI is rated as one of the premier Institute of world class in West Bengal with eminent instructors giving proper guidance. Modern instrumentation facilities provided in laboratories help students to improve skills. Useful links: Marine Engineering & Research Institute 

7. Kalyani Govt. Engineering College Nadia, West Bengal. E-mail:

Considering the value of human concerns and loyalty to the society high-quality education, KGEC provides modern facilities and coaching for students. They are dedicated to creating good citizens with thorough knowledge of basic concepts. Useful links: Kalyani Govt engineering College

8. Institute of Engineering and Management Electronic complex, Kolkata. Ph: +91-33-23578189

This private institution has been able to create solid industrial linkage and also has proven track records of placement. The excellent environmental condition for nurturing talents is another specialty of this institute. Useful links: Institute of Engineering and Management

9. Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India, Pin: 735102

JGEC is the second oldest of all technical institutions beside the Bengal Engineering and Science University (formerly Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur) in the state of West Bengal. At the time of its inception, JGEC was affiliated to the Calcutta University. For the period between 1963 and 1999, the college was affiliated to the University of North Bengal, then to the West Bengal University Of Technology. Useful links: Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College

10. Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology Kolkata, West Bengal. Ph: +91-33- 23701264

The college is counted as one among top centers providing undergraduate courses in ceramic technology and other branches of engineering. Eminent readers and lecturers are keen in incarnating engineers with responsibility and generosity. This college is one of the very few institutions where 100% students are employed through campus interviews by reputed Companies Useful links: Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology

____________________________Discussion: 1______________________ 

Is The Standard Of Indian Engineering Colleges Deteriorating?

Plz share ur views:

Above is the question that is bound to emerge in everyone’s mind after reading the news today. AICTE or The All India Council for Technical Education has lowered the eligibility criteria for engineering college admissions from 50% in Class 12 (in physics, chemistry, and math or PCM group) to 45% for general category candidates and 40% for reserved category candidates.

The reason behind this move is said to be a response to a huge demand. Kapil Sibal (Union Minister for Human Resource Development) said, “We have to ultimately relax the norms because the demand is huge. It all depends on the market. For instance, this year, people have moved to mechanical engineering courses. Seats in colleges are vacant due to poor standards. We have to address the demand issue.”

Engineering colleges in Maharashtra/Andhrapradesh/Karnataka/Tamilnadu/UP & others which were finding it difficult to get candidates for degree courses have some reason to cheer now with the eligibility criteria for applicants being relaxed... Do u know Andhra Pradesh has 847 Engg Colleges (According to a recent survey)? Can u believe it?. Today India has more than 4500 Engg college............

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), an advisory body in all matters relating to technical education, has relaxed the basic eligibility criteria for admissions to the first year engineering course.

The minimum criteria have been brought down to 45 per cent (40 per cent for reserved category) aggregate in physics, chemistry, and mathematics (PCM) group in standard XII exam, from 50 per cent in force till last year.

  • I am sure most of you will agree that Engineering is a coveted profession in India, but at the same time, we must not forget that it’s a much-respected career. An engineer is ultimately held responsible for the technological advancements in a country.

'If the process of getting inside an engineering degree course is made so easy, students may not feel the importance for this career.

  • It has come down to the rift between ‘quantity’ of engineers and ‘quality’ of engineers. Seeing the current state, one feels that India could use some technical torch-bearers to surpass new frontiers of engineering. Do we need thousands of average-rated engineers churning out of the factory-like colleges or a few really talented and worthy engineers would suffice?
  • Today successful parents are saying:

My dear son/daughter don't go for Engg, coz it has no value. Nowadays Engineers are jobless, few of them are also doing the job as a contractor, computer seller etc etc....

Students are advised to post their view on this topic I would like to know your opinion.....


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sir, if i am getting IT, mechanical,electrical,electronics & electrical, electronics & instrumentation and applied electronics and instrumentation.which branch should i take among these.plz rank them acc. to their placements given in west bengal engg colleges and its demand in the market. plz reply soon.....

All branches r good.. U can choose Mechanical, IT, Electrical & Electronics (dont choose only Electrical Engg {EE}) and Electronics & instrumentation Engg.. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engg (AEIE) and EIE both r same branch.. Difference between the name in different colleges.. Electronics & Instrumentation Engg is the study of both software/hardware & so many electronics & electrical instruments.. The primary focous of Electronics & Instrumentation Engg is the development and implementation of electrical & electronics instruments for the purpose of measuring, monitoring and recording physical phenomena. Among many other types of instruments EI engineers develop seismic sensors, blood glucose sensors, fire detectors, amperemeters etc.

1.Electronics 2.Mech 3.Electrical 4.IT

respected sir,i want to know among MCKB Lillua,jis Kalyani,& AOT Adisaptagram which one is better,sir if u say JIS kalyani better than AOT Adisaptagram then the reason is only this, that it is under techno group?Or its placement is better than AOT.PLS REPLY SOON....

Dear student JiS is better not for its group.. Do u know recently JiS get NBA approval.. Which means better technical education.. AOT is also good, but till now it does not receive the NBA accrediation.. But Im sure that in near future it will also gain the NBA accrediation status.. Remember it opening,closing rank & any group does not decide who is the better college.. AOT & JiS both r good. Choose 1 of them...

ir if i take macganical eng from kalyani govt. college then what are the prospects???? and does kalyani have a good placement record or does it provide good placements??? and what can be the average salary range if get mechanical from kalyani?? sir plz help...its urgent.....

Kalyani also provide very good placement.. Im cent percent sure ur salaray will above 30000

acc. to my rank i am getting the following colleges thru last year's counselling.sir plz rank them acc to their campussing provided by these colleges...... seacom siliguri institute of tech. bengal inst. of tech.,kolkata calcutta inst.of engg & mgnt calcutta inst. of tech. dream inst. of tech. camelia inst. of tech. pilan clg. of mgnt hooghly engg and tech. college plzzz rank them. sarkar sir plz reply soon.

Try for: Calcutta Instt of Technology, uluberia. Siliguri Instt of Technology. Dream Instt of Technology. Hoogh Engg & Technology College. Bengal Instt of Technology, Kolkata Pailan College of Management & Technology Seacom Engg College.

respected sir once again sorry to disturb you will you pls give a rankwise list of NBA accridited pvt. engg. colleges in WB pls reply soon with regards

NBA accredited PRIVATE engg colleges in WB: IEM, HIT Kolkata, HIT Haldia, Techno-INDIA.. AEC, B.P.Poddar, NSEC, DR.BCREC, BCET, JiS, Narula etc. If any engg college is not in this, then anybody plz correct me.

@Shivananda dada, in which govt college what is best CS or IT? As i have completed my diploma engg in CS but i can choose CS or IT for my Like,if i get CS in burdwan and IT in jalpaiguri and kalyani which one should i go for? The list you provided me is based on faculty and placement. now i ask u to put a list only on placement. in placement ceramic and leather colleges are better than burdwan and kalyani?

You completed ur Diploma in CST.. So I think go for CSE.. IT & CSE both r almost similiar.. But there is a little bit difference in IT & CSE.. Do u know why Ceramic & Leather colleges better in placement than others? Becoz in that colleges companies find Specialist in Ceramic Technology & Leather Technology & also CSE.. Students have specialised stream named Leather Technology & Ceramic Technology.. Placement wise list should be follows: 1) Kalyani Govt. Engg College. 2) Jalpaiguri Govt. Engg College. 3) Govt. College of Engg & Ceramic Technology. 4) Govt. College of Engg & Leather Technology. 5) UIT, Burdwan. 6) Govt College of Engg & Textile Technology. 7) Kalyani University... Sorry I have not enough info about the Placement percentage of SIT Calcutta.. But it would be best..

sir can you plz give me a rank wise list of the following streams... means rank them according to current demand..and will this rank list pertain for a long time.... stream are:- Electrical,Mechanical,Electronics & comm.,Civil... sir soon.....

Dear student it is completly different in different states.. Like in North East states they need more civil engineers.. Their Computer Science & Electronics is less valuable.. But in all respect of the present value of Indian market the list should be: 1) ECE. 2) IT/CSE. 3) ME. 4) EE or EEE 5) CE.

sir i am reading all suggestion given by u to the students i am online now

sir what is the difference between B.e and B.Tec?? and which should be chosen for a better prospect in future or to grt better salary in future?? sir plz reply soon......

In India there is no difference in B.E & B.Tech. B.E: Bachelor of Engg B.Tech: Bachelor of Technology. But out side of India there is so many difference between B.E & B.Tech... B.Tech deals with more practicaly & B.E focous on more Theory.. But in India both r equal, its only a college/university difference... JU gives B.E & WBUT award B.Tech degree to its student.. So many top University except IIT & NIT & IIIT maximum instt/college gives B.E degree like BIT Mesra, Delhi College of Engg/DTU, NSIT, Jamia Milia Ishlami New Delhi, (A Central University) offers B.E degree course.. In India maximum top instt offers B.E degree. & at present there is no difference between B.E & B.TECH

sir, will u please give me the position of AOT Adisaptagram in west bengal......pls pls sir dont ignore me...reply soon....and what is its speciality?

Sorry I have not the info about the position of AOT,Adisaptagram. But its a very good instt.. They have superb infrastructure, very good faculty support.. It estd in the year 2003. But do u know its 1st graduated in the year 2007 & placed in various companies.. Really they r doing well..

can u tell about the placements in Bengal institute of tech. and mngt,shantiniketan as compared to ABACUS....what can u tell about the new colleges opened after 2007. sarkar sir plzz reply soon....

BITM is a very good college, their placement is quite satisfactory..Its true the college has no access to the BSNL wifi internet facility & subscribed to a private internet provider, which is really erratic.Besides its struggles to procure books for its libraries that have to transported from Kolkata with great difficulty.But despite the shortcomings BITM students r doing well in both management & engg course. An average students have been secured a Grade-Point-Average (GPA) of above 7.34 in Management & 7.0 in Engg. The scores have been good.Despite its limitation BITM at Shantniketan has not done badly when its come to the infrastructure.. It has Five Computer laboratories, Digital Communication lab & a host of other labs.. The instt also have a computerised central library.. The best thing about BITM is its faculty.. They have so many faculty with Ph.D & M.Tech degree.. They have also so many visiting professors from so many places like IIT Kharagpur, Calcutta University, Vishwa-Bharati Vishwabidyalaya.. The quality of students has improved as well over the last few years. At present, the talking point at the campus is placement..Companies like Dell,Wipro,IBM, GE Capital, Reliance Petro Chemicals, cadbury India, Godrej & Eveready have already visited the campus. Special grooming session are conducted for students for appearing for interviews.. Really day by day BITM is doing well...

Sir thank you a lot for ur previous help regarding giving me knowledge about the Engg colleges..Sir I have finalised my opinion thanks to u..And I have just one question: Sir if u were in my place what would you choose-ECE at NARULA or Biotechnology at HERITAGE or CSE at B.P.PODDAR?Which choice would give me a good future and a job?..Sir plzz do answer my query..My counselling is 2mrw

Then I will choose CSE at B.P. Poddar... Becoz after Heritage B.P.Poddar Instt of Management & Technology is also provide very good placement.

Sir I really need your help a lot. My counselling is near and can you please give me an information on the PLACEMENT RECORD at the following colleges: B.P.Poddar, JIS, Narula, Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management? (Sir please give me this information.) Sir does a NBA approval give the colleges an extra edge over the one's which are not?

In ur list B.P. PODDAR is best for campus placement.. JiS & Narula both r almost same in respect of placement... Yes becoz NBA has built to identy the quality technical education..

sir, among siliguri institute of tech,Bengal inst. of tech and mngt and ABACUS which one is better acc. to their placements...

1st try in: SIT, Siliguri.. Their placement cell is better... It is the one of the good engg college of North Bengal. BITM,Santiniketan, Abacus

sir i want to know if one students completes his degree of from a very reputed college of bangalore(suppose SIT (tumkur)) and other from a simple college of kolkata(suppose Narula)then would after placement there will be difference in salary of two of them if both are student of avg. level

Ofcourse there will be difference between Salary..

do companies like Ibm, nokia, infosys, hcl ,microsoft,wipro,tcs comes to kalyani govt college for the top it students

Yea, dude Kalyani Rocks.. Our Kalyani best college.. IBM,HCL regularly amader campus visit kore.. Infosys & Microsoft o ashe........... Thank u Kalyani to build our career,

15278 is my friend's rank in wbjeee so, which college & stream he may get

what should be the best college for him in civil stream & should he wait for the 2nd counseling?

If ur frnd have enough luck then he may get chance in B.P.Poddar, Techno India,NSEC,..He can surely take admission in AEC,DR.BCREC & others

Sir,i want 2 know more abt SVIST(its faculties,lab,training and placement).Is SVIST better than DIT (Acc. 2 faculties,traing and placement cell)? Pls reply me sir.I need ur information urgently.

Nobody have idea about the placement of Dream instt & Swami Vivekananda instt, becoz they r completly newly set up engg college. DIT estd in the year 2007 & SVIST also estd in the year 2007.. Till now no students graduated from this two college.. So with out placement info it is very tough to say which is better.. Becoz this two instt already have good faculty support & good infrastructure also..

i ranked 20243 in wbjee.please show me the list of good engineering colleges in wb where i could take admission.i am in general category.

To know more about previous year opening & closing rank (college/branch wise) plz visit:

Dear student (AD) Plz post comment with in 1st page. U work hard for ur study.. Now nobody cant stop u to achieve the degree.. Yes there is loan facility is also available for students, contact ur nearest SBI branch... At present Im little bit busy, but dont worry.. Toni8 I'll explain u what is the difference between EIE,EEE,ECE.

respected sir many thanks for you ans. if you kindly clarify 1)guru nanak , bit kolkata , pailan and techno india rajarhat - nba accridited or not 2)is kalyani govt. or burdwan govt give the certificate of wbut? if not are the values are same for all pls ans. with regards

No Gurunanak & BIT Kolkata is not NBA accredited.. I dont know about Pailan. Yes, Kalyani Govt. Engg College is NBA accredited & affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology.. It means the certificate will give WBUT.. University Instt of Tech is the engg department of Burdwan University.. So if u choose Burdwan then the certificate/degree will give Burdwan University directly..

Sir GNIT ,PCMT has NBA accreadation

In which GNIT got the NBA approval, do you know what is NBA.. How can GNIT get the NBA approval.. In previous time C.B.I team visited to GNIT campus to confirm, how can they get AICTE approval only.. NBA is far away from GNIT..

@rahul.....thik bolecho...vai 1 bar vabo kono lok WB er baire theke kivabe WB er collg er kotha jane..6yrs pore o amra sob clg er info janlam na..r vai HAV U SEEN D LIST OF TOP 25 TECH COLLEGES GIVEN HERE?? porer diker page e dekhe 1 tu comment dao.

Sorry Swarnali, I dont have the recent report of some colleges.. Gurnanak Instt of Tech is also NBA accredited & Pailan College of Mgmt & Technology is also NBA accredited.. This two instt this recent year receive the NBA approval.. Thanks Rajarshi for giving me the correct info.

Sir my counselling is tomorrow at noon...I just want to ask you is the TECHNO INDIA COLLEGE of TECHNOLOGY at New Town a good college? It belongs to the Techno group but can this new college be comparable to the other colleges like JIS, Techno India, BP Poddar? Has it a NBA accredition? Should i take CSE there if i get? Will I get good placement?..Sir please help me out...

No Techno India newtown is not so much good like Techno India: saltlake.. No it have not the NBA accrediation.

respected shivananda sir, sir jaipur, national university jaipur have good placement record or not plsssss rply me sir its very urjent

Yes, JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY is also a good university.. But why r u talking about JNU? Plz give me Ans. October 22, 2007 was a historical day for the Mahima Shiksha Samiti, the sponsoring body of Jaipur National University & for the seedling institution of higher education.. With in a couple of months, after its formation, the university was honoured with the approval from all national bodies, including The University Grants Commission (UGC) under the clause 2(f) of its act of 1956.. Besides this mandator y recognitions the university has earned trusts from all students, parents & from all people.. Jaipur National University have hiclass infrastructure, high standars of faculty for quality education... Presently JNU offers so many courses, 1of them is 4years B.Tech degree course.. The School of Engg & Technology is the engg department of Jaipur National University... The University offers Dual degree course also. B.Tech + MBA (5yr).. Jaipur National University has more than 500 branded pc..24hours internet facility with an exclusive LAN. They have so many labs for different engg branch.. In future their placement cell will also be good..


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