Top Engineering Colleges in West Bengal

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in West Bengal(2011)

West Bengal is one of the renowned places boasts of high-quality engineering colleges and has been a pioneer in developing the modern system of education all over India. The western model education system started from West Bengal. The engineering colleges are easily spotted all over the state representing an epitome for high standard and superior technical education. Some of the top engineering colleges in West Bengal are in the Kharagpur district, providing technical education to the students. The top engineering colleges in West Bengal offer aspirants with postgraduate and undergraduate engineering courses along with an assurance of high-quality training and education.

Some of the different disciplines offered by the top engineering colleges in West Bengal include Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Printing Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The procedure of admission into the top engineering colleges in West Bengal is mainly done through highly-competitive Examinations like JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) which is conducted by WBBHSE (West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education). The specialty of the West Bengal colleges is to mass-produce high-quality engineers by providing proper training and research to the aspirants. There are also available scores of privately owned and government owned institutions with an objective to offer skilled professors and placement for almost all the students.

1. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur The IIT Kharagpur or IIT KGP) is an autonomous engineering, technology, and management oriented institute of higher education established by the government of India in 1951. The first of the original five IITs to be established, it is recognized as an Institute of National Importance by the government of India. IIT Kharagpur has been ranked the best engineering college by Outlook magazine in 2009 and 2010

2. Faculty of Engineering Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Ph: +91-33-24146000

The college is rated as best among engineering institutions in West Bengal due to the maintenance of high academic standards and laboratory facilities. They also have efficient placement cell to provide best opportunities for students for M.Tech. Useful links: Faculty of Engineering

3. Bengal Engineering and Science University Howrah, West Bengal. Ph: +91-33-26684561

The institution offers undergraduate courses in various branches of engineering and technology. The facilities provided in the college are up to international standards and can create excellent professionals. Useful links: Bengal Engineering and Science University

4. National Institute of Technology Durgapur, Dist: Burdwan, West Bengal

The institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses & Ph.D. courses in the various discipline. It is an institute of national importance & ranked among the best engineering colleges in India. Useful link: National Institute of Technology

5. SIT (WBUT) Kolkata Salt lake, Sector 4, high qualityWest Bengal, India The School of Information Technology Kolkata (also SIT and formerly IIIT-C) is the Information Technology Department of the WBUT. The institution started as Indian Institute of Information Technology - Calcutta in 2000 with seed support from the government of West Bengal in association with the IT Industry. 

6. Marine Engineering & Research Institute Kolkata, West Bengal. Ph: +91-33-24014673

MERI is rated as one of the premier Institute of world class in West Bengal with eminent instructors giving proper guidance. Modern instrumentation facilities provided in laboratories help students to improve skills. Useful links: Marine Engineering & Research Institute 

7. Kalyani Govt. Engineering College Nadia, West Bengal. E-mail:

Considering the value of human concerns and loyalty to the society high-quality education, KGEC provides modern facilities and coaching for students. They are dedicated to creating good citizens with thorough knowledge of basic concepts. Useful links: Kalyani Govt engineering College

8. Institute of Engineering and Management Electronic complex, Kolkata. Ph: +91-33-23578189

This private institution has been able to create solid industrial linkage and also has proven track records of placement. The excellent environmental condition for nurturing talents is another specialty of this institute. Useful links: Institute of Engineering and Management

9. Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India, Pin: 735102

JGEC is the second oldest of all technical institutions beside the Bengal Engineering and Science University (formerly Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur) in the state of West Bengal. At the time of its inception, JGEC was affiliated to the Calcutta University. For the period between 1963 and 1999, the college was affiliated to the University of North Bengal, then to the West Bengal University Of Technology. Useful links: Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College

10. Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology Kolkata, West Bengal. Ph: +91-33- 23701264

The college is counted as one among top centers providing undergraduate courses in ceramic technology and other branches of engineering. Eminent readers and lecturers are keen in incarnating engineers with responsibility and generosity. This college is one of the very few institutions where 100% students are employed through campus interviews by reputed Companies Useful links: Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology

____________________________Discussion: 1______________________ 

Is The Standard Of Indian Engineering Colleges Deteriorating?

Plz share ur views:

Above is the question that is bound to emerge in everyone’s mind after reading the news today. AICTE or The All India Council for Technical Education has lowered the eligibility criteria for engineering college admissions from 50% in Class 12 (in physics, chemistry, and math or PCM group) to 45% for general category candidates and 40% for reserved category candidates.

The reason behind this move is said to be a response to a huge demand. Kapil Sibal (Union Minister for Human Resource Development) said, “We have to ultimately relax the norms because the demand is huge. It all depends on the market. For instance, this year, people have moved to mechanical engineering courses. Seats in colleges are vacant due to poor standards. We have to address the demand issue.”

Engineering colleges in Maharashtra/Andhrapradesh/Karnataka/Tamilnadu/UP & others which were finding it difficult to get candidates for degree courses have some reason to cheer now with the eligibility criteria for applicants being relaxed... Do u know Andhra Pradesh has 847 Engg Colleges (According to a recent survey)? Can u believe it?. Today India has more than 4500 Engg college............

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), an advisory body in all matters relating to technical education, has relaxed the basic eligibility criteria for admissions to the first year engineering course.

The minimum criteria have been brought down to 45 per cent (40 per cent for reserved category) aggregate in physics, chemistry, and mathematics (PCM) group in standard XII exam, from 50 per cent in force till last year.

  • I am sure most of you will agree that Engineering is a coveted profession in India, but at the same time, we must not forget that it’s a much-respected career. An engineer is ultimately held responsible for the technological advancements in a country.

'If the process of getting inside an engineering degree course is made so easy, students may not feel the importance for this career.

  • It has come down to the rift between ‘quantity’ of engineers and ‘quality’ of engineers. Seeing the current state, one feels that India could use some technical torch-bearers to surpass new frontiers of engineering. Do we need thousands of average-rated engineers churning out of the factory-like colleges or a few really talented and worthy engineers would suffice?
  • Today successful parents are saying:

My dear son/daughter don't go for Engg, coz it has no value. Nowadays Engineers are jobless, few of them are also doing the job as a contractor, computer seller etc etc....

Students are advised to post their view on this topic I would like to know your opinion.....


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From now I'm available on Facebook.. U can add me..

From now I'm available on Facebook.. U can add me..

sir,i got 12101 rank..i wish to study civil/ece..i shortlisted bengal colege of engi(dgp),future inst...which 1 would b a bettr option?? If i wait for 2nd round can i get meghnad saha?

Yeah.. U should wait for 2nd round counseling.. During 2nd counseling, there r more chances available to get a better clg.. BCET Durgapur is better than future Instt.

sir, i got 9945 rank in wb jee. con you tell me the colleges in which ,i can get mechanichal, electrical branch. plz also tell me about their placement

U can get clgs like asansol engg clg, b.c.roy, colg of engg & mgmt kolhaghat etc & their placement record is also good

sir,my rank is 12000 ,if i wait for 2nd round,can i get ece/civil from meghnad saha??plz help with ur suggestions

I can't say anything surely.. Its depend on luck... Hope for the best.. Chances r available to get civil in MSIT

Is there any risk for waiting for second round , given the past trend.Pl reply.I mean to ask that what are the chances.

Risk is low for 2nd counslng.. Chances r more.. But sometime it depends on luck

hi wbjee rank is 15102...and i want to take admission in netaji subhash or b.p poddar in civil/ plz help..what should i do..if i will wait for 2nd counselling...will i get these trades?? Plz help..

If u wait for 2nd round counseling, then u will find better clgs than 1st round counseling.. But according to ur rank NSEC, MSIT r more better clg. So I can't say anything surely... It ll depend on ur luck

sir,plz tell me dat which private college in wb is d best for cse?

IEM Kolkata (Institute of Engineering & Management)

but sir in first roun i am getting all branches in bcet still i am confused with this college...sir what u say if i didnt get any good college in 2nd round..should i wait for 3rd?? And also give me some info about bcet..placement..! Placement packages..!

Near 50% placement record in BCET.. If u r going to attend 2nd round counseling then u will find better clgs than BCET Dgp.

Dear Sir, I have got a rank of 848 in wbjee 2011.Sir,I want to know whether the aerospace engineering dept is better at BESU or it is better to opt for Chemical Engineering at JU.I am very confused.Plz help me! Thank You!

Dear student, Engg is a professional course, its not just like taking a branch which has more demand.. So if one is going for engg should go if one has interest on it... Ur question is wrong.. Both r better.. Ur question should be WHICH BRANCH IS PERFECT FOR ME? Which is ur favourite subject, phy/math or chem.. DO u like the reaction of chemistry.. if u have more interest in chem, then u should go for chemical engg in Ju. Then u can easily understand the subjects well & u can get top marks in Jadavpur univ exam... From this academic year The oldest institute (BESU) is going to start Aerospace Engg. Undoubtly their placement, education will be best.. But the question is do u like Phy, maths, r u interested to know the structure of flying vehicle.. R u interested to become a officer in NASA/ISRO etc.. If yes, then dont listen to anybody just go for SHIBPUR... Ur new life will be there..

Dear sir, Actually i m very weak in chemistry,so I will pursue Aerospace in BESU! Thank You!

Best of luck

Sir my AIEEE rank is 7017 [state rank 178] and my WBJEE rank is 671. I got a score of 333 on BITSAT. I want to join Jadavpur, but all my friends really want me to join BITS. Where should I go? And I want Mechanical engineering in JU, but that is unlikely at 671. Should I go for 2nd counselling? And if I do, what are my chances of getting mechanical?

Don't go for 2ndround wbjee counseling... No chance for getting mech in ju.. If u want to study only mech than u can join BESU also.. BESU is one of the oldest & prestigious engg instt of India. In other hand BITS Pilani is the best private engg univ of India.. U'll get all the facility at there.. But its quite far from ur home state.. Both clgs r best.. U dont need to worry... Just choose between them..

sir my rank in wbjee is 4871 a/c to prev yrs cut offs n al i wl b gettin IT in d first round and cse in d second in WBUT, SIT, d cse cutoff was 4803 prev yr.. sir i wantd 2 ask is dere any risk in w8n 4 d 2nd round f counselling??

sir my rank in wbjee is 4871 a/c to prev yrs cut offs n al i wl b gettin IT in d first round and cse in d second in WBUT, SIT, d cse cutoff was 4803 prev yr.. sir i wantd 2 ask is dere any risk in w8n 4 d 2nd round f counselling??

sir my rank in wbjee is 4871 a/c to prev yrs cut offs n al i wl b gettin IT in d first round and cse in d second in WBUT, SIT, d cse cutoff was 4803 prev yr.. sir i wantd 2 ask is dere any risk in w8n 4 d 2nd round f counselling??

Maximum time there is no risk to wait for 2nd round couns.. If u wait fr 2nd round counsl then u'll get better clg than 1st round

respected wbjee rank is 15102..i want to take admission in bp poddar or netaji subhas..i want electronic and instrumentation..but in 2010 the closing rank is 12365 in 1st round for this trade in bp sir if i will wait for 2nd round will i get this trade in bp poddar.! So plz help...rply soon..

I can't say anything surely.. But u should wait for 2nd round counseling.. Chances r available.. Becoz if u wait for 2nd counsl then u will find better clgs than 1st round counsl.

Dear sir ji..... I want to take admission in Ceramic Technology... What is the main focus of this branch & job prospect.. Plz reply soon

Dear studentji The field of ceramic engineering comprises the making of ceramic products such as glass, tiles, fiber-optic lines, kitchenware, decorative items, engine components and semi-conductors. As a ceramic technologist your field of work will include study, research and evolvement of ceramic material, planning, designing and evolvement of a number of applications such as porcelain, refractors, enamels and cement etc. After getting the degree in B.Tech Ceramic Technology, you have vast job opportunities in private as well as public sector. Commonly, Ceramic Technology holders are divided into two types of workers. One is Ceramic Technologist and the other is Ceramic Designers. While the former use sand and clay as basic materials in manufacturing; the latter use material produced after intricate chemical processes 7 of course its a good branch... Best of Luck for ur future life

certainly in ceramics is awesome;but as people know little about this field,gcect is still not that popular as it should be.I am a student at gcect,going to enter 3rd year,and believe me,i had a job offer already,at tata refractories ltd,with a descent package.guys studying this course are assured of a job,at least.and,you should know each year nearly 20-25 companies visit the campus,including vizag steel,vedanta,jindal,and so on. speaking about ceramics,don't be that fool to think it of only glass products and cups n all!today's ceramics is vastly advanced;and u 'll find hardly a stream that dosen't take benifit from ceramics,the refractory and glass industry are huge;and in us,they are one of the highest paids.advanced ceramics products are in huge demand,and this field will be one of the most demanding in near future.

with a rank of about 34500 in wbjee which colleges r available in wb if opted for it/cse

In previous year Asansol engg clg's IT dept closing rank was 33174.. So this year I cant say anything surely, just wait 4 d counsl.. Or after ASANSOL, u r getting IT/ECE in Jis, prev closing rank was 36350 & 36999.. This clg is good though they r taking students frm lower rank.. If u r getting jis then u should go for jis

sir if ojee rank is around 1600 n wbjee rank is around 35000 den wat shud i do?

sir i have 20113 rank...which colleges are better seacom,pailan,MCKV,future,cem kolaghat,bc roy...?

Go for B.c.roy durgapur or CEM Kolhaghat

Request to students: Plz dont ask me, which clg I may get during counseling.. I received so many mail & comment regarding this question.. I have pasted the direct link of closing rank of wb engg clgs.. It is in pdf format, u have to access it 4m pc or u need a pdf reader application in ur mobile..

* Request to students: Plz dont ask me, which clg I may get during counseling.. I received so many mail & comment regarding this question.. I have pasted the direct link of opening & closing rank of wb engg clgs.. It is in pdf format, u have to access it 4m pc or u need a pdf reader application in ur mobile..

sir my wbjee rank is 28660 mujhe kaun sa college milega.kya placement wala koi clg milega plz help me sir

Haa, ish rank mai placement wala clg v mil jayega.. Pichle saal k rank k anusar pe u will get some good clgs: Jis clg of engg.. BCET Durgapur etc

Hello sir.. How r u? Did u remember me.. Im in Kalyani govt engg clg.. Its a very very good clg.. I decided to go for this clg just becoz of u.. Thank u sir.. O ha, sir apni ki akhon Shimla te settle hoyechen?

Im f9 & best of luck for ur studies.. Yeah.. Now Im in Shimla

plz reply me sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEAR SIR, My wbjee 2011 rank is 45331.which engineering clg is best for my future during counselling????????????plz help me sir..........plz reply...........................

u will get clgs like Instt of sci & tech, pashim medinipur.. Or if u wait for 2nd round counsl then u will find more better clgs..

instt of sci & tech theke pore ki valo job pawa jai???????????????

Its a newly estd cllg & how can u expect a good job without hardwork.. Their placement record is poor, but education quality, faculty support is in avarage condition but in future it will be more better.. Or u can wait for 2nd/3rd round counselling to get a more better clg

sir,instt of sci and tech,IMPS in malda and surendra instt of engg and manegment which is the best clg from these??????????plz reply me sir in details............

IST is better in respect of infrastructure, faculty support & standard education.. Instt of sci & tech estd in d year 2006 & they have a training & placement cell also, but their placement percentage is very poor.. But day by day they r improving.. ISC's all the course r approved by AICTE & govt of wb & this cllg is affiliated to west bengal univ of tech.

sir can u tell me something about electronics and instrumentation...job k kaise field hai..aur ye trade future institute me v hai aur netaji kaun sa better rahega.!


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