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Top NIT in India

Top NIT in India

National Institute of Technology (NIT) is one of the premier technology and engineering colleges in India. The engineering colleges of NIT are scattered all over the length and breadth of India with a government norm in all the major states promoting regional development. At present, there are at least 20 top NIT colleges available in India providing Doctorate, Postgraduate, and Undergraduate program in Engineering along with fostering national integration spirit among the aspirants. The colleges of NIT offer its students a close interface to the industry as well as strongly emphasizes on both applied and basic research.

NIT is considered as a brand institution in the technical education industry in India. The pass outs of National Institute of Technology are more frequently becoming an alternative to the IIT students across India. Though there are several NIT colleges being set up, the first and top NIT in India, which started as a Regional Engineering institute, is established at Warangal, in Andhra Pradesh. The engineering courses offered by all the top NITs in India are Material-Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Civil, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. The intake of students for the level of undergraduate engineering courses is selected through AIEEE examination held every year all over India. In order to get admission in the post graduate courses of NIT, the colleges follow GATE Entrance Test through which the candidates are selected.

To make a list of Top National Institute of Technologies of India can never be easy due to its subjectivity and that there can be various parameters to evaluate top NIT of India.

Top NIT in India

1) NIT Warangal Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. Ph: +91-870-2459191

This NIT is considered as the top NIT in India with an excellent set of faculty members and advanced training. The placement cell here is also much effective with 100% placement. Useful links: NIT Warangal

2) NIT Trichy Tiruchirapalli. Tamilnadu. Ph: +91- 0431-2501801

NIT, Trichy is destined to develop cutting edge technologies and to create citizen with prospective vision. The center offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs with advanced labs. It is also well known for industrial interactions and data transfer. Useful links: NIT Trichy

3) NIT Surathkal Suratkal, Mangalore. Ph: +91-824-2474000

This institute is one among the best in India with nearly 100% placements and co-coordinative efforts for success. Eminent lecturers and advanced training facilities are the key factors for the improvement of this center. Useful links: NIT Surathkal

4) NIT Calicut NIT Campus, Calicut. Ph: +91- 495-2286101

NIT, Kozhikode is considered as one of best Institute for technology training and development. It fosters the nourishment of intellectual potential of candidates to create cutting edge technologies. The NITC IBM ACE center in the institute is meant for eliminating the gap between industry and institution with courses handling there. Useful links: NIT Calicut

5) NIT Allahabad NIT Allahabad or MNNIT Allahabad, formerly known as REC Allahabad is of the most oldest and prestigious NIT of India, and certainly the best in northern central India. Useful Links: NIT Allahabad

6) NIT Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Ph: + 91-1744-238491

The institute is meant for creating professionals in the field of engineering. Five branches of engineering, departments of basic science, arts and placement cells are functioning in this institution. Useful links: NIT Kurukshetra

7) NIT Durgapur Durgapur, West Bengal. Ph: +91-343-2546397

NIT, Durgapur is one among the well known Institute for science, technology, and engineering studies. Facilities to nurture the academic and extracurricular activities of students are counted as a hallmark of this Institute. It is a center of cultural unity and harmony Useful links: NIT Durgapur

8) NIT Jamshedpur Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Ph: +91-657-2373392

The institute is meant for developing world class professionals with high technical skills, prospective insight with good leadership. They offer UG, PG, and research in different branches of engineering, science, and technology. Useful links: NIT Jamshedpur

9) NIT Jalandhar Jalandhar, Punjab. Ph: +91-181-2690301

This institute offers UG and PG courses in various branches of engineering, science, and arts. Come departments have research programs also. Placement cells are so active with many MNCs and Indian companies absorbing aspirants from this institution. Useful links: NIT Jalandhar

10) NIT Hamirpur Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. Ph: +91-1972- 224390

The center is considered as one among the top of its kind in India. It aims to create outcomes with technical excellence and integrity and dedication to the society as well as to the country. It offers B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D. courses in different branches of engineering. Useful links: NIT Hamirpur

11) NIT Rourkela Rourkela, Orissa. Ph: +91-661-2462031

NIT, Rourkela is one of the premier institutes in India meant for producing quality engineers and scientist in the field of engineering and science. Foreign collaborative projects running in the institute has improved the facilities for students to build their career. Useful links: NIT Rourkela


Although all nits are revered NIT Trichy is the best in the terms of input and output... in my opinion

where d hell is nit surat.....and by d way is nit jalandhar bettr den nit surat???wat rubbish is dis......pls check ur ranking once again

I know that NIT RKL has xcellent infrastructure & good faculty but it is hard to believe that it has made its positions in top 5 NITs. Hope this survey don't mislead the students. But where the hell r NIT ALLAHABAD, NIT JAIPUR & NIT BHOPAL. I just can't believe, they r out of top 10 NITs...!!!

Hi, I m going to do M.Tech from Nit Raipur in Computer Tech in electrical Department. Please tell me about position of NIT Raipur and about placement.

Whoever has come up with this ranking has an obvious bias towards the NITs in the south. The northern NITs have been conveniently given a miss . The objections raised in some of the earlier comments are very much valid. i perfectly agree that NIT, Trichy shares a greater brand equity than NIT, Warangal. Nothing personal here ; its just the way it is. In fact , from the information, small talks and general globe talk that I come across every other day, I gather that the rankings are something like this : NIT,Trichy ...big gap...NIT Surathkal ...small gap..NIT Warangal...biggish gap...NIT,Calicut, Allahabad, Bhopal, maybe Jaipur .. ..followed by the rest .

u saw any national level ranking ever??? nit w is above nit trichy in all of them... wat u think matters lyk a rat's FART!! the placements this year also show this...

being a chemical engineering student of NITK SURATHKAL i would say that all nits trichy,warangal and surathkal are grade 1 nits and are equally good... and are top engineering institutes of the country........... and interchange the top positions...... but on lips of people only trichy and warangal comes..........not much people knows surathkal.....but they should know them as it is equally good...........currently surathkal nit is ranked top nit with overall rank of 9 by TIMES OF INDIA and 11 by india today......moreover surathkal is the only university owning beach in all of india....also in placements,infrastructure and industry interface nitk is far ahead of many iits...... moreover MEGAHOSTELS is possessed only by warangal (13 fl0ores) and surathkal(7floor,worthing more than 70 crores) and not trichy................ trichy is great for software engineering........ and for warangal name is only comes GRADE 2 NITS.IE CALICUT AND MOTILAL ALLAHABAD.......according to me next comes jaipur......................

according 2 me brother... i'm totally agree with u... can u plzz help me... as i'm interested in CS or IT,CHEMICAL... & i GOT CHEMICAL in all top three NIT.. but i also get IT in NIT Surathkal... & i also got CS in CALICUT,MNIT ALLAHABAD... & IT & CS in IIIT Allahabad... plzzz help me that which option i should opt??? iz IT in NIT Suratkhal iz better among all these??? plzz also rearrange the order brother...

well mradul this is adithya studying in one of these nits am dng my third year...first i wanna know to which part of india u belong to and do u like to stay away from ur getting on to ur question...well brother u dont have IT branch in most of nits and most of the nits are popular for their core branches...if u want to do CS go for nit calicut as CS placements are good there and if you wanna opt for chemical go for nit warangal i heard some good placements for chemical there!!!..hope u can gain something from my answer!!

Kindly advice the position of following NIT(s) in proper order for admission in B.Tech to my son. How is reputation of MANIT BHOPAL. Pl.keep in proper order BHOPAL,NAGPUR,JAIPUR,ALLAHABAD,SURAT, R.K.Jain Indore M.94254-44712

hey bro i got 68 in aieee....kindly suggest me the best NIT which i will get....

Hello ! everyone. i am from kolkata. This is my AIEEE rank. all india-95653 state-2954 i have got almost all nit's in my online councilling. I want to do CS engineering. So what about NIT Durgapus ?? please you people assist me.

Hello ! everyone. i am from gorakhpur(U.P.). This is my AIEEE rank. All India Rank Overall 31173 Category 6218 ------ State Rank Overall 4302 ------ Category 958 ------ i have got almost all nit's in my online councilling. I want to do CS,ec,en,civil,me engineering. So what about NIT allahabad ?? please you people suggest me. I will b vry thankful 2 U..

I have done B.E. in Mechanical Branch. According to selection Which one is best to addmission in Mtech NIT Suratkal for branch "MATERIALS ENGINEERING"(as metallurgy) or MNIT jaipur for mechanical manufacturing.

Hello friends ! I an going to appear in 2012 AIEEE exam and wanna do engineering in automobiles . But i am very confused and want to know is AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING available in NITS ?????

I'll suggest you to complete your graduation in Mechanical Engineering, because Automobile is the sub branch of Mechanical Engineering & its a evergreen branch.. After completing B.E/B.Tech in Mech Engg go for M.Tech in Automobile Engg. At that time you will find better job scope

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