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Tourist Destinations in West Bengal

Tourist Destinations in West Bengal

  • The great sons of this land contributed a lot in the India’s struggle for freedom, some important one’ s were Surendranath Banerjee , C.R.Das, Netaj Bose, Mauling Azad….., the list is unending. This proud land of no less than five nobel laureate (Tagore, Raman, Ronald Ross, Mother Teresa & Amartya Sen) is also famous for its sweets and Durga festival.
  • Bengal is also an important tourist destination, offering a wide and varied spectrum of interesting locations rich in history, culture, religion and scenic beauty.
  • The toy train for Darjiling is an interesting experience for the tourists and the Ghoom railway Station on this section is the railway station on highest altitude n the country.

Tourist Destinations in West Bengal

Place : Bisnupur Raihead: Bishnupur Famous For: Temples, Ruins of ancient capital, Fort, Terracotta work.

Place : Kolkata Raihead: Kolkata Famous For: Howrah bridge, Gardens, Museums, Monuments,Planetarium etc.

Place : Darjiling Raihead: Darjiling Famous For: Major hill resort, Trekking, Scenic beauty, Toy train.

Place : Shiliguri Raihead: Shiliguri Famous For: Toy train to Darjiling, Base to visit Bhutan and Nepal by raod.

Place : Krishnanaga Raihead: Krishnanagar Famous For: Palace, Clay handicrafts.

Tourist Destinations

Place : Koch Bihar Raihead: Koch Bihar Famous For: Palace, Temples

Place : Shantiniketan Raihead: Bolpur Famous For: Vishvabharti University founded by Rabindranath Tagore, Museum, Art Gallery.

Place : Sunderbans Raihead: Canning Famous For: World’s largest delta, wildlife Sanctuary under Project Tiger.