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Tourist cars and reserved carriages

The India Railways has huge services for its passengers. It ensures to provide the most comfortable and safe journey. The Indian Railways aim to meet up all the needs of the travelers and the passengers.

The passengers who are travelling in groups, the India Railways provide coaches exclusively for those groups. The coaches are attached to the train depending up on the program of the passengers. Though, all the coaches cannot be attached to the trains due to operational restrictions.

The Railway Authorities will decide on giving an extra coach according to the itinerary of the passenger group and thus they can also enjoy privacy and comfort. The tourist cars are available in second class, sleeper class; first class and air conditioned first classes with facilities of cooking. The coaches of the upper class has the facilities like linen bathroom, dining cum sitting place, attendant compartment etc.

The tourist cars and reserved carriages can be booked but for that the passenger should apply to the Chief Passenger Transportation manager 30 days prior to the journey. The application must not be sent 6 months prior to the journey. The application should include the details like destination, following route, stops and specified train to which the coach is to be attached.

To book the tourist cars and reserved carriages the passenger will have to pay Rs 10000/- as a deposit to the Station Manager of the originating station. The charges are then to be calculated according to the number of adult passengers and the charges of mail and express trains. The charges are to be paid at least 48 hours before the departure of the train to which the additional coaches are to be attached. The charges are calculated including the fare, development charge, reservation charge, detention charge and empty haulage charge.

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