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Trains Bangalore Surat

There are seven trains from Bangalore to Surat.

Bangalore Surat takes 29 hours 15 mins to arrive at Bangalore. There is at least one train departing from Bangalore towards the Surat station. Surat is an intermediate station while the trains are running towards Ajmer, Jodhpur or Rajkot. Most of the trains arrive at Bangalore during the nighttime but Ahmedabad Exp and Gandhidham Express will depart during the Daytime. You can also board Rajkot Express, which will depart from Ahmedabad to Surat, early in the morning at 6: 20 am. Banglore is connected to Surat by means of Southwestern Railway line. The Surat railway Station in Gujrat is connected to the western Railway line.

Banglore to Surat Railroad Distance : 1433 kms

Railway Fare Bangalore to Surat

Class 2A- Rs.1531 Class 3A- Rs.1113 Class SL- Rs.406

Trains from Bangalore to Surat[edit]

Train No. --Train Name --Bangalore Dep.--Surat Arr.--Days

6210--AJMER EXPRESS--21:50--03:05--Tue / Thu

6508--JODHPUR EXPRESS--21:50--03:05--Mon/Wed

6502--AHMADABAD EXPRESS --13:30--23:20--Sun

6534-- YESVANTPUR JODHPUR Express --17:00--03:05--Sun

6506--GANDHIDHAM Express --21:50--03:05--Sat

6532--GARIB NAWAZ Express --17:00--03:05--Fri

6614--RAJKOT EXPRESS--06:20--10:08--Fri

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