Trains Bhopal Chennai

There are fourteen trains from Bhopal To Chennai.

2434 Chennai Rajdhani departs twice a week to arrive at Chennai from Bhopal. It is a deluxe train operated by Indian Railways. In addition to it trains like 2616 G T Express, 2622 Tamil Nadu Express and many other travels from Bhopal to Chennai daily. Some other trains are scheduled to depart Bhopal once or more times during a week to arrive at Chennai

Bhopal to Chennai Railroad Distance is 1483 kms.

Railway Fare Bhopal to Chennai
Class 1A- Rs. 2690
Class 2A- Rs.1593
Class 3A- Rs. 1164
Class SL- Rs. 434

Trains between Bhopal to Chennai

Train No. --Train Name --Bhopal Dep.--Chennai Arr.--Days

2434 --Chennai Rajdhani --00:05 --20:10 --Thur/Sat

2511 --Rapti Sagar Express --21:25 --23:35 --Thur/Fri/Sun

2612 -- Chennai Central Garib Rath --00:05 --20:10 --Tue

2616 --Grand Trunk Express --05:25 --06:15 --Daily

2622 --Tamil Nadu Express --08:05 --07:10 --Daily

2642 --Thirukkural Express --17:15 --19:03 --Sat

2652 --Tamil Nadu Sampark Kranti --17:55 --19:03 --Tue/Thur

2688 -- Dehradun Chennai Central Express --02:00 --03:15 --Tue

2688a -- Dehradun Chandigarh Chennai Central Express --02:00 --03:15 --Tue

2968 -- Jaipur Madras Express --07:20 --09:50 --Sat

6032 --Andaman Express --03:10 --10:15 --Thur/Sun

6094 -- Lucknow Chennai Central Express --03:10 --10:15 --Tue/Fri

6325 --Ahilyanagari Express --21:25 --23:35 --Mon

2521 --Rapti Sagar Express --21:25 --23:35 --Mon


> Trains Bhopal Chennai
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