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Trains Hyderabad Delhi

There are seven '''trains from Hyderabad to Delhi.

2429 Rajdhani Express train connects Hyderabad Railway Station to Delhi, the capital of India. In addition to this Nizamuddin Express and AP Express trains have daily departure from Hyderabad to Delhi. Many other Express trains travel to Delhi more than twice a week connecting Hyderabad to Delhi by trains. Hyderabad Railway Station is centrally located in the Hyderabad city and has an important job of connecting Hyderabad to all the states in India. An Express train will travel the distance between these two cities in 29 hrs 35 min. Delhi railway station is also located close to the interstate and intercity bus terminals from where it is possible to get to any part of Delhi.

Hyderabad to Delhi Railroad distance is 1667 km.

'''Railway fare Hyderabad to Delhi'''

2 Tier AC (2A) – Rs. 1700
3 Tier AC (3A) – Rs. 1242
3 Tier sleeper (SL)-Rs. 437

==Trains between Hyderabad to Delhi ==

'''Train No. --Train Name --Hyderabad Dep.--Delhi Arr.--Days '''

2429--Rajdhani Express --07:50----05:50—Mon / Tue / Fri / Sat

2647--Kongu Express--0:45--14:20--Mon

2649--Sampark Kranti--08:30--09:20-- Mon / Tue / Sat / Sun

2437--Rajdhani Express --07:50--05:50--Wed

2707--A P Sampark Kranti--16:50--17:55—Mon / Wed / Fri

2721--Nizamuddin Express -- -22:30--04:05--Daily

2723--A P Express --06:25--09:05--Daily