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Transportation in Jammu and Kashmir

'''Transportation in Jammu and Kashmir'''

'''Location''' : Jammu and Kashmir
'''Main Ways to Commute''' : Air, Rail and Road
'''Transport Hubs''' : Jammu, Anantnag, Kargil
'''International Airport''' : Srinagar


* The work on '''Jammu – Udhampur''' railway line was completed recently and extension of railway line to Srinagar and '''Baramulla''' has been taken up.

* New rail line between '''Mazhom-Baramulla '''has been established. The longest passanger route in India is of 6317 / 6318 '''Himsagar Express '''from '''Jammu Tawi to kanniyaKumari''', covering a distance of 3,726 kms.

'''Roadways''' The State has about 15,012 kms. Of road length.

* National Highway, 1-A, connecting Srinagar with Jammu (300 kms) is an open-ended road. Jammu in turn is connected to many sections of Northern India, admitting '''New Delhi'''.

* Buses and all types of Taxis to '''Srinagar''' are available from Jammu railway station and city centre.

* Several Tourist Taxi Strands, in the Srinagar City, have recently upgraded their fleet, and taxis can be hired for touring Srinagar city or various resorts in Kashmir.

'''Airways''' '''Srinagar''', '''Jammu and Leh''' are major airports connecting the State with other parts of the country

* Transport within '''Jammu and Kashmir''' remains a problem, although the Indian central government has nominated a substantial investment in getting the state’s infrastructure.

* As a result of the India-Pakistan conflict over the Kashmir region, the route through the '''Jhelum '''valley from Srinagar to '''Rawalpindi''', Pak., was closed in the late 1940s.

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