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Transportation in Punjab and Chandigarh

Punjab & Chandigarh

  • Punjab, the land of five rivers is known for its brave and enterprising people. It ha valiantly faced many invaders right from the time of King Darius of Iran(518 B.C) and Alexander the Great (326).
  • The rich land has been time and again ravaged by the invaders, but has always stood back even stronger. No doubt, Punjab is the most prosperous state of India and has also contributed contribution in the field of Green Revolution, industrial development, sport and armed forces.
  • The state had also contributed immensely in India’s struggle for freedom. After independence, eight states of east Punjab were joined together to form one single state called PEPSU- Patiala and East Punjab State Union, with Patiala as its capital.
  • PEPSU state was merged with Punjab in 1956 and the reorganized Punjab came into being in 1965. The State in the north-western corner of the counter is bounded on the west by Pakistan, on the north by Jammu and Kashmir, on north-east by Himachal Pradesh and on the south by Haryana and Rajasthan.
  • Chandigarh, the cleanest and best planned modern city of India has been a Union Territory since 1966 and is also the capital of both Haryana and Punjab.
  • The city was planned and designed by a famous French architect, Le Corbusier, and his cousin Pierre jennet and can be called as a paean to the urban planning.
  • The city has been divided into several self-contained sectors, each with its market placed, hospitals, educational institutions, places of worship, gardens and open playgrounds etc. It is a model piece of modern town planning.


Railways: Punjab has an extensive rail network, with a route length of 3,726.06 km. The rail communication with Pakistan also emanates from Punjab. Atari is the last railway station of India on the Indo-Pak border. Main railway stations- PatialaJalandharAmritsar, and  Bhatinda.chandigarh is connected by rail.

Roadways: All the villages of the state are linked with metalled roads and the total road length is 50,506 km.

Airways: There is an international airport at Rajasansi (Amritsar) and domestic airport at Chandigarh.

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