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Unorganized Labour in India

Unorganized Labour in India[edit]

  • The term “Unorganized Labor” has been defined as those workers who have not been able to organize themselves to pursue their common interests due to certain constraints like casual nature of employment, ignorance and illiteracy, small and scattered nature of establishment etc.
  • Kerala has constituted welfare funds for specific categories of workers in the unorganized sector.
  • Govt. has constituted a National Commission on Enterprises in the unorganized sector under the Chairmanship of Dr. Arjun Sen Gupta to look into the problems of the enterprises in this sector.
  • The Labor Bureau, Chandigarh/ Shimla is engaged in collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of labor statistics at All – India level both in organized and unorganized sector of Industries.
  • Construction of the New series of CPI for Industrial workers (Revised Base 2001 = 1000) has been approved by the Technical Advisory Committee on statistics of prices and cost of living.
  • National Safety Day – 4th March every year to mark the foundation day of the National Safety Council.
  • V. V. Giri National Labor Institute, Noida (U. P) is an autonomous body engaged in research pertaining to labor and training of labor administrators, trade unions, public sector managers and other govt. functionaries concerned with labor.
  • The Factories Act, 1948 is the principal legislation for regulating various aspects relating to safety, health and welfare of workers employed in factories. Prescribing a 48 – hour week for adult workers, the Factories Act forbids employment of children under 14 years of age in any factory.


Sir,Un organised Labours work as casuals in agricultural farms,small industrial units,building sites and as domestic servants.If a worker works in factory he/she can get Provi dent Fund,ESI benefits and workmen compensation and accident benefits.8 hours work and weekly holidays including National & Festival holidays.But the unorganised sector didn't get any benefits.Regards,a.nazar.

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