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Vaisakh Purnima

Vaisakh Purnima is celebrated in the month of May. It is considered as a very sacred day by the Buddhist as it was on this day Lord Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha at Lumbini in Nepal in 560 B.C. He received enlightenment at Gaya in India after spending years in enquiry into the causes and remedy for sorrow in the world.

His preaching mainly revolved around the principle that that desires are at the root of all sorrow and recommended the path of right use of sense and right conduct as the only way to attain enlightenment. It was on Vaisakh Purnima that he also attained Nirvana which is the unity with the absolute. This day is sacred to all Buddhist devotees and is celebrated in the Far-east as well as in India and Sri Lankha.

The day starts with an invocatory dance programme welcoming Bhagawan, performed by the special dance troupes from these countries. The program then features speeches by Buddhist dignitaries and devotees. It also has other presentations depicting the rich cultural traditions of the lands they come from. The Mandir is beautifully decorated for the occasion in the artistic traditions of the Orient.

The day is very special as 3 main events occurred for Lord Buddha. Firstly it is on Vaisakh Purnima that Buddha was born. Secondly, he was enlightened at Gaya in India on this very same day and last but not the least, he attained Nirvana on the same day now known as Vaisakh Purnima