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Vaishali Express

Vaishali Express runs between Barauni and New Delhi. Barauni is well known as the industrial capital of Bihar. This status has been reinforced even further after the creation of Jharkhand. This train connects this important town with the capital of India.

'''Vaishali Express''' No. 2553 runs on a daily basis from Barauni to New Delhi. The train leaves Barauni at 9.30 AM and reaches its final destination at 6.20 AM on the second day of its journey. The total distance traveled by the train is 1185 kms and the train makes 19 stops in all. Some of its important stops include '''Aligarh, Tundla, Etawah, Kanpur, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Muzaffarpur and Samastipur'''.

The train consists of 1st AC, 2nd AC, 3rd AC and Sleeper berths. The total time taken by the train to cover its entire run is 20 hours and 50 minutes. This train is a super fast train. Fare for 1st AC is Rs. 2375, for 2nd AC is Rs. 1409, for 3rd AC is Rs.1032, for Sleeper is Rs. 387.

Vaishali Express No. 2554 runs from '''New Delhi to Barauni'''. This train too is a daily train. It leaves at 7.50 PM and reaches at 5.15 PM on the 2nd day. In all, the journey takes 21 hours and 25 minutes. The total distance covered is 1185 kms with 19 stops in between.