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Validity Certificate

Validity Certificate

The Validity Certificate is a document that verifies caste of the person. This is an important document for the person belonging to the scheduled caste, scheduled tribes or the other backward communities.

What is the (Caste) Validity Certificate needed for?

(Caste) Validity Certificate enables the person belonging to avail of the reservation facilities provided by the Government of India to encourage the people belonging to SC/ST/OBC/NT and minority communities to receive education and certain privileges that are offered by the Government of India. This is with the view of providing the backward classes equal opportunities for education and services without discrimination. The Validity Certificate is an essential document to

  • Avail of the reservations in educational institutes
  • Avail of the reservations in government service
  • Avail of the reservations in legislatures
  • To obtain relaxation in the upper age limit for certain jobs

Application for (Caste) Validity Certificate

  • The applicant has to present an application Form No 1 for authentication of caste to the Caste Verification committee of the District.
  • The Caste Verification Committee will investigate the records from school, certificates of family members, and verification of other appropriate materials.
  • If all the above mentioned record establishes to be in order the said committee will grant caste validity certificate in Form No. 1A within one month from the date of application.
  • Where the said Committee does not issue the certificate in stipulated time, for such delay the Deputy Commissioner of Dist may intervene.
  • The certificate issued by the said Committee shall be legitimate for the purpose of employment and education.
  • The Caste Validity Certificate is legal and valid until it is revoked or until he converts his religion.