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Vikriti in Ayurveda

Vikriti (Pathological)

  • Vata prakriti dosha is easily disturbed and aggravated and it disturbs pitta and kapha.
  • Mr. Sathya was able to understand the sequence of changes taking place within him and all efforts were made to bring back vata to its normal and original status. This is the efficacy of Ayurveda.
  • Later Mr. Sathya was taught the new routines in order to soothe his perturbed doshas.
  • A list of pacify doshas was given to him. First thing to be followed was his daily habits of sleeping at 10 p.m. and taking evening food at 8 p.m. and meditation at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • He was asked to take an oil bath before going to bed. The oil used was sesame oil.
  • He was advised to take 1 cup of buffalo milk with one teaspoonful of chyavanprasha or aswagandha leha (lehya-Linctus).
  • He was allowed to hear music before sleeping, to promote soundness and coolness in the brain.
  • He followed this routine feeling and got good sleep and woke up in the morning, fresh and active.
  • A vata prakriti person does not want to move with too many people and hear loud noises.
  • The modern stress and strain of living will accentuate the imbalance further.
  • In the initial stages, the body tries to reject and bring the imbalanced state to balanced state of mind and body.
  • In order to set vata to balanced state, it is necessary that a person should be calm, sleep at the right times, take food at time and in proper quantity. This is natural or prakriti.

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