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VoIP Adapter

VoIP adapters are available in various configurations. All types of adapters come with manufacturer’s warranty and are supported by in house team experts who are working with most SIP based VoIP service providers.

Following are the different VoIP adapter with its respective features:

VoIP telephone adapter service

  • AT&T Call Vantagesm Service is a voice over internet protocol telephone service which utilizes the internet technology to deliver features which are not possible for the regular telephone to deliver.
  • The additional charges are applicable sometimes for international calls only. These charges are billed at competitive prices such as AT&T Call Vantage Service treats calls to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada as domestic calls.
  • AT&T advanced quality service provides high quality of voice also.

VoIP analog telephone adapter

  • VoIP adapters with an Ethernet port fall into the category "FXS to Ethernet".
  • Adapters with a USB connector are included in category "FXS to USB".

VoIP phone adapter

  • The leading industry in networking introduced DVG-2001S VoIP Phone Adapter for home use.
  • It converts any existing analog telephone into IP telephone.
  • If plugged in to the fax machine it enables receiving and sending faxes the same way as a traditional analog telephone line.
  • This adapter supports the SIP protocol which is quiet widely used by VoIP providers in the market.

VoIP phone adapter services

  • This adapter brings high quality telephone service through the DSL.
  • If plugged into the home router the regular telephone jacks to connect the existing phones or fax machines.
  • With a proper broadband service clear telephone reception and reliable fax connection are available.
  • It provides the same time for normal data operations while using the internet at the same time.