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Vodafone Prepaid Recharge

Vodafone has offered many simple and easy ways for its customers to make Vodafone prepaid recharge. The following information gives you more detail on different methods of Vodafone prepaid recharge.

==Different ways of Vodafone prepaid recharge==
*Vodafone prepaid recharge via online
*Vodafone prepaid recharge via recharge voucher
*Vodafone prepaid recharge via dealer.
*Vodafone prepaid recharge do it yourself.

==Vodafone prepaid recharge via online==
*Log on to and click on the recharge online link.
*Your next step is to enter your credit card or debit card details and the amount to be recharged.
*You can also do it only with internet banking facility as well. One does not require any debit or credit card facility here.
*But important thing to note down here is the minimum amount which needs to be recharged. A minimum amount is always rs.50 not less than that.

==Vodafone prepaid recharge via recharge voucher==
*Vodafone recharge vouchers are available in any of the nearby Vodafone dealer.
*You can collect the recharge voucher from the Vodafone dealer and recharge your account instantly.
*Recharge vouchers contains all the instruction written on it. Suppose you have got any queries related to recharging via recharge voucher you can call 111 and ask for the assistance anytime.
*But one should note down the validity period of each recharge voucher carefully. As some of the vouchers have only limited time period of validity, you must note this point.

==Vodafone prepaid recharge via dealer==
*You can visit any of the nearby Vodafone dealers of Vodafone service centers of your regional area you can get your number recharged.
*All you need to do is give your number and tell the amount to be recharged your dealer will recharge your number instantly.
*In order to find out the nearby dealers of Vodafone log on to

==Vodafone prepaid recharge do it yourself==
*Vodafone also provides a wonderful recharge offer which can be utilized in emergency time.
*You can send a SMS RCH 10 to 141 and get an instant recharge of rs.10.
*This recharge is dedicated for emergency purpose and the amount will be deducted after your next recharge.
*The amount deducted from your account will be Rs.11.50 with 1.50 as extra service charge.

For more information on Vodafone prepaid recharge you can simply call customer care service. You can also visit [[Vodafone Customer Care]]


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