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Waaris is a Hindi television serial that airs on <a href="/node/64414">Zee TV</a> channel starting from July 28, 2008. ‘Waaris’ is a story of the underworld. It is the story Rudra Pratap Singh (Ashish Vidyarthi) who is an aging mafia don. He is married to Yashodhara (Indira Krishnan) and has two sons, Shankar (Iqbal Khan) and Shaurya (Yuvraj Malhotra).The story relates to the search of the true Waaris to the position created by the senior don.


RUDRA PRATAP SINGH (Ashish Vidyarthi),is a gentleman. Soft spoken man who talks less and listens more. But Shankar knows that he uses his silences to gauge the true intentions of his opponent.

YASHODA (Indra Krishnan), wife of Rudra Pratap, is a down to earth mother, a quiet, docile woman who handles her unusual family and advises her daughter-in-law Gayatri also to do the same as they are married to such family and cannot avoid.

SHANKAR (Iqbal Khan), Rudra Prataps’e eldest son, is an obedient, loyal son for whom his father’s wish is a command. He has no control over his anger. He cannot give up his father for anything.

GAYATRI (Shilpa Shinde), Shankar’s wife. She resents the fact that Shankar is a part of the underworld. She wishes a decent life and confronts her husband for her rights to a decent life.

SHOURYA (Yuvraj Malhotra),is Rudra Pratap’s younger son. Bright, sporty, Studious. Goal of Shourya is to fulfill the dream of his father by getting a good education, get respected and get honoured. But the thing is Shourya does not know that his father is a mafia don.

Episode 12 - 14 August 2008

Yashodha shares her worry with rudra that shaurya will complete his college in a while and then what has he thought of him for his future. She tells rudra that she does not have the guts to lose the other child. Rudra convinces but alas. She asks what would happen if Shaurya will come to know that he is the son of an underworld don ….

==Created by : ==Ugraya Entertainment

==Produced by :== Smriti Irani

Cast :

Ashish Vidyarthi
Indira Krishnan
Mohammad Iqbal Khan(Iqbal Khan)
Yuvraj Malhotra
Shilpa Shinde
Rucha Gujrati
Bhawna Roy
Khusboo Purohit
Manish Raisinghani
Kiran Kumar

==Telecast time :== 11.00 P.M to 11.30 P.M (30 mins long)

==When :== Telecasted on Monday - Thursday

==Which TV :== <a href="/node/64414">Zee TV</a>