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Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya


Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya is a Hindi television saga that airs on Sony TV, started on April 14, 2008.

This story is about an adopted girl named Rudra who was in search for love from her stepmother and other family members. Since she is adopted she was not attached to her family except to her father. She never minds the problems given by her family members as she knows her limitations.

But surprisingly there comes the fact that she is the heir of the family since she is her step fathers older brothers daughter. But this was known only to her real mother(her nanny) as she was poor.

Biswajeet Roy, belongs to the famous Roychaudhary family, one of the biggest Zamidaar families of Kolkata. They are a big devotees of Ma Durga and Ma Kali and own the biggest Kali Mandir and Biswajeet heads the trust of Kali Mandir .

However their business was running poor and they lose their eldest son Sarvadaman. But Biswajeet believes that his brother will come back. The family purohit insructs them that their problems would cease with a birth of a baby girl. At that time Yashomati was pregnant and believed that her child would be an answer for their prayers. Shockingly the child dies at birth and Yashomati loses the capacity to be conceived again. In the meantime, they find the baby Rudra on the temple steps. Yashomati and Biswajeet accept the baby as their child with full heart but Jaya (Biswajeet’s siter) changes the mind of Yashomati against Rudra creating wrong feelings in Yashomati’s mind against Rudra. Slowly Yashomati starts ill treating Rudra. Looking this Biswajeet appoints a lady called Sunandato look after Rudra.This Sunanda turns out to be Rudra's own mother. Seh left Rundra in temple steps because Rudra was born from a secret marriage to Sarvadaman.

Rudra grows up to be a beautiful girl with wonderful talents and Biswajeet grows proud of her. However Rudra is hated by her brothers and her bua – Jaya, who wants her daughter Protima to be adopted by Biswajeet. But Rudra only longs for her stepmother's love.

Biswajeet passes the mantle of the ‘Pratistha’ to Rudra but she refuses and passes it on to the eldest son. Later comes the fact that the actual legitimate owner of the whole property is none other than Rudra.

Rundra gets engaged with Saurav who loves her. But Rudra feels bad about her scar in the face and refuses to get engaged with him. When asked she says Sauvrav's love is not eternal. But on forcing she reveals the problem about her scar. Saurav says that he would too get himself a scar of his face. Seeing this Rudra realizes his love towards her.

Timings : Program will telecast on Mon - Thu, 10:30 pm only on Sony TV

Created by : Creative Eye

Directed by : Rajiv Bhanot

Opening theme : "Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya" by Anjan Biswas


Payal Sarkar Rucha Gujrati Nishigandha Wad Mukesh Khanna Kishori Shahane Surendra Pal Eva Grover Gufi Paintal Nayan Bhatt Rakesh Kukreti Aakansha Aroop Deb Nandita Pooja Sachin Shroff Deepak Tijori Rupa Ganguly