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Water Resources Storage in India

Water Resources Storage in India[edit]

  • Central Water Commission is a part of Ministry of Water Resource Commission (CWC).
  • It is searching and checking the storage position of important reservoirs in India.
  • The total number of important reservoirs are 81 in India.
  • Among the 81 important reservoirs only 36 reservoirs has the facility of having hydro-power benefits installed with capacities of 60 MW each in India.
  • The 81 reservoirs has a storage at the starting of the monsoon at the month end of June, 2008 was 19% which is the designed capacity of the reservior.
  • By the end of the 28th May 2009 the percentage value of the designed capacity went to 12%.
  • During the same period the storage capacity is 59% of the last year's storage.
  • Of the 81 reservoirs the reservoirs which has the storage capacity of less than 80% and also less than the previous 10 year are 45 reserviors.
  • Less than the average of previous 10 years and in remaining 36 reservoirs the storage is more than 80% of the average of previous 10 years.
  • In order to derive the best possible benefits from the available water, Central Water Commission is keeping in touch with the Department of Agriculture and Co-operation and providing information of the weekly storage position to the Crop Weather Watch Group for evolving suitable crop strategies and also appraising the situation to various departments and ministries involved in Water Resources Planning.
  • Basin-wise storage position as on 28th May’09 is as follows:
  • The storage position in 3 basins namely, Narmada, Rivers of Kutch, and West Flowing Rivers of the South are better than average of previous 10 years. Indus, Ganga, Tapi, Mahi, Mahanandi and neighboring east flowing rivers and Krishna basins are flowing close to normal and Godavari, Cauvery & neighbouring east flowing rivers and Sabarmati are flowing deficient.
  • Out of 36 reservoirs with significant hydro potential, 24 reservoirs have storage build-up less than the average of last 10 years’ capacity.

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