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Way To Balance Doshas and Vata

Way To Balance Doshas and Vata

  • The details given here are meant only for preventing the diseases and not for curing them.
  • It is always safer and better to consult an Ayurveda doctor, who will be able to give you a detailed medical routine for the specific ailment.

Important Tips For Balancing Life

For balancing vata:

  • massaging with til oil (sesame)
  • Good nourishing diet
  • Warmth for body
  • Sufficient rest to body
  • Avoid stress and strain
  • Calm and quiet
  • Regulate your habits
  • Vata is the king of doshas. It is supreme commander.
  • It regulates and controls the movements of pitta and kapha.
  • By correcting and balancing the vata, you can hit at it and get the benefit for two.
  • Vata can be compared to wind in the external atmosphere, which moves clouds from one place to another slowly or rapidly.
  • So also in the body, vata activates and triggers the movements of pitta and kapha. It is like a main board switch.
  • As soon as it is switched on, the whole body activities are triggered and made to work.
  • This is required not only for circulation of blood and respiration, but also for the cells at quantum level of mind and body.

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